10 Ways to Turn Your Annual Report Design Into a Work of Art

We’re proud of the production we do for our purchasers, but sometimes we insure other designers’ work that represents us a little jealous. This is especially true when we see incredible annual report design. When you can turn dry data into a elegant visualization, or generating an organization’s work to life through a unique visual thought, you’re doing a huge service to the brand, the reader, and the design community. We love to shout out good work, so today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite annual report samples that use unique blueprint to tell an impactful story.

10 Creative Annual Report Examples

From clever packaging to creative visuals, these firebrands use a variety of design implements to bring their work to life in magnificent practices. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 10 plans you can use to make your own annual report design to the next level.

1) Illustration

If you crave an easy way to upgrade your annual report, illustration is the answer. Whether you’re a financial institution or a shoe busines, any visual addition instant hoists your annual report design, as the New World Department Store 2019 Sustainability Report evidences. Packed with colorful, playful explains, it builds you feel like you’re reading a comic book–not a retail business report.

annual report examples annual report examples annual report examples

2) Papercraft

When crafting an annual report, you want to grab people’s attention. Using unique visuals is an excellent way to do that, as the 2021 Heart Institute Annual Report shows. Through intricate papercraft, the report tells the story of the organization’s work in a beautiful and memorable way.

3) Coloring Book

Annual reports frequently provide information–but not much else. The 2018 Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Annual Report throws that opinion on its president. The foundation prompts ATL tenants that the region is “full of colorful, colourful neighborhoods.” To produce that concept to life, they actually designed their annual report as a colour book, performing it interactive and instructive. Whereas most reports are destined straight for the junk, this one may be destined for the gallery on your fridge.

4) Watercolor

No matter your industry, your annual report can become a work of art–if you use a little creativity. That’s exactly what we see in the 2018 Arohan Annual Report. This microfinance busines turned their report into an artist’s sketchbook. Through beautiful watercolour explains and representations, they communicate important information in an aesthetically pleasing pack. This is the perfect example of how a simple visual therapy can convert a report.

5) Seed Paper

Expolanka’s 2016 Annual Reporttheme was “Ways to Grow, ” as the company focused on planting the grains of entrepreneurship across spheres. To impart this theme to life–literally–they engraved the annual report using seed paper. Yep, you read that title. When they finished the report, readers could embed the flood sheet and period breach pages, and watch it grow into brand-new life-time. That gets an A+ for creativity.

Annual report examples seed

6) Claymation

Video can be a great way to expand your reach and share the highlights of your annual report. As a companion to the Derbyshire County Council’s 2019 Public Health Annual Report, which focuses on helping the community live “stronger for longer, ” the organization appointed a claymation video reinforcing the importance of health and guiding parties to the report for more tips.

7) Pop-Up Book

How do you clear your scheme “pop”? Make it a pop-up book. That’s exactly what Malaysian nonprofit myHarapan did with their 2013 Annual Report. As a youth-focused nonprofit, this storybook approach was the perfect practice to captivate the brand’s personality–and communicate their legend in a hard-to-resist package.( TBH, the organization composes an annual report masterpiece every year. Check out their full report hall to geek out .)

8) Cards

Annual reports can come in all sorts of packages–video, digital, and engrave. And while digital is increasingly common, “theres something” merely overwhelming about impounding something in your hands, especially if it comes in a fiction packet. That’s why the 2019 VPRO Annual Review designed by Trapped in Suburbia caught our heart. Instead of a traditional fix volume, it was designed as a load of cards packaged in a talent chest. This part of surprise is a great way to grab people’s attention and entice them to view all of the content.

annual report examplesannual report examples 2

9) Interactive Animation

Interactive annual reports are a great way to tell your story, and they allow you to communicate more info in a unique box. But a good interactive doesn’t precisely present the information to click through; it supplements a little something extra. The Russian Railways 2019 Annual Report pioneers a component of surprise with animated trains that move toward you as you move. Since the report theme was “picking up speed, ” this was a excellent nature to reinforce the narrative.

Annual report example russia

10) A Group Project

Sometimes you simply don’t know what artistic tendency you want to go in with your annual report. For the 2020 MCB Annual Report, the company craved forceful visuals and an exciting visual treatment. But they couldn’t decide which authority to use. The solution? Ask a group of agencies to contribute to each component. Using standard explain, draw, fabric, thread, carve, menu, photography, and more, the report ultimately becomes a visual feast for all.

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