A Unique Type of Content That Will Generate You 100K’s Visitors Per Month

If you want to rank on Google, you have to create content. As Bill Gates once said, material is king. But how do you grade greater than the challenger and get tons of traffic when everyone’s creating the same me more content?

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So if you want to do well, don’t just think about, hmm, what kind of content is my competition forming? Think about what kind of content is my competition not creating that people would adore? And one thing that we’ve seen is parties desire courses. The difficulty with a lot of the courses out there is the good ones cost money.

So my pose was why not just create really good content and courses and merely hand it apart free of charge? And what that’s doing is not just generating a lot of traffic, right? I’m not having to constantly update my text-based content, I’m creating a new type of content that’s easy to create, easy to record for me.

It actually makes less go than it does for me to write a blog article because I can really pay parties to help create the PowerPoint presents, I can give feedback, adjust to help them with the outline, then I can record it, and then I merely, you are well aware, my team uploads it, I record.

And I literally establish each of these modules in ten, 15 hours of my meter. And it’s particularly rationalized process and it’s generating a lot of traffic as you can see here. And we’re only getting tons and tons of views on a weekly basis. And it’s amazing.

The epoch onsite is great, if I look at the go charge, it’s not bad, it’s simply 63%. The exit rate’s not bad and it’s working out really, really well.

So if you want to do well, and you require more traffic and you require a leg up on your contender, consider the establishment of directions, don’t upload them to Udemy or any of these locates host them on your own website and give them out free of charge, and think about the quality tracks that parties pay for and literally establish them and give them for free, and make sure you include the worksheets, the resources the ones I showed you, right?

Like this checklist or this content calendar and more so this isn’t calendar, this is a worksheet where people fill in the spaces. It’s this kind of stuff that helps drive the issue of trafficking.

Releasing the videos is something, but once you release the worksheets, the chisel expanses, the handouts that be followed up by each module, that’s when you’ll start seeing that these training materials will start going a lot of traffic over meter.

And a lot of my older trends that are still relevant today, that I procreated countless, numerous months ago they’re still getting more traffic today. And funny fairly, some of them are getting more traffic today than what they were three, four or five months away.

So if you want more traffic consider copying what I’m doing, this is working out well, I bet your competition’s not doing this, and it works out extremely well, even though there’s not a lot of words on a page, you can get a lot of referral traffic and social traffic which is a little bit different than what most people are used to, which is optimizing for Google traffic.

Now if you have any questions, leave a comment below I’ll do my best to answer and help you out. If you enjoyed this material, make sure you subscribe to the channel, like the video, share it with others, tell other beings about it so that nature we get more customers.

And here’s the kicker, what isn’t seen in these analytics is all the extra traffic I’m getting from YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, which is even more than this if you look at all my video views and on top of that I’m likewise get all these views on my website as well.

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