Adding Heat & Light to My Small 4×4 Van Build

I am converting my 2002 Mitsubishi Delica in to a small, 4×4 off-road mini camper van for one. In this video I end the interior of my van by adding ability, flames and heating. It won’t be long before I can get back on the road and experience my one true love; terrain photography.

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Some of the Gear from the Van Build& Video: List contains affiliate connections.
Black Aluminium Profile: https :// geni.us/ ProfiledAluminium
Slam Locks: https :// geni.us/ SlamLock
Door Hinges: https :// geni.us/ DoorHinges
Maxoak EB240 Battery: https :// geni.us/ EB240
My Diesel Heater: https :// geni.us/ DieselHeater
24v to 12 v Transformer: https :// geni.us/ Transformer
Reading Lights: https :// geni.us/ yCkUEL
Aluminium LED Cases: https :// geni.us/ LEDChannels
Carpet& Adhesive: https :// geni.us/ Carpet
Custom Cut Wooden Doors: https :// geni.us/ WoodenDoors
Bike Chain Stuff: https :// geni.us/ PipeBracket
Custom Made Cushions/ Mattress: https :// geni.us/ DkyR
Main Video Camera: https :// geni.us/ for-video
Aerial Footage: https :// geni.us/ aerialfootage
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The Music in This Video
City Rain City Sleep – Martin Hall
British Indie – Victor Ohlsson
Once I Was A Cat – Suffer City
Taking Me High Taking Me Low – Johan Glossner
My Bucket List – Arch Tremors
All Downloaded from Here: http :// share.epidemicsound.com/ t2V7R

Intro to Mitsubishi Delica Camper Van Conversion – 00:00
Installing Diesel Heater – 01:00
Powering Diesel Heater from Power Bank – 08:05
Installing LED Lights in Van – 11:53
Installing Inside/ Outside Thermometer – 17:01
All my Lights in Action – 17:38
How it All Works – 18:35

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