Best Street Food in Phuket – INSANE EGG ROTI + Fried Noodles! | Thailand Michelin Guide Tour!

[?] Thai Street Food in Phuket, Thailand – Michelin Guide Tour!

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PHUKET, THAILAND – Therefore welcomed Phuket, an island in southern Thailand and a awesome lieu to see if you cherish food! Today I’m going to take you on a Thai street food Michelin guide tour of Phuket. We’ll be eating at four different street food stalls which were all featured in the Thailand Michelin Guide of Phuket. I hope you’re hungry, let’s start eating! #Phuket #StreetFood #MichelinGuide

Roti Taew Nam( ortiiaethwnam) – First up on this Thai street food tour in Phuket, you’ll need to start your morning off liberty – and that conveys some of the greatest egg roti ever. Roti Taew Nam( ortiiaethwnam) is a legendary spot, dishing some of the crispiest roti you’ll ever have, along with a variety of Southern Thai curries. It’s fantastically luscious. Total cost – 320 THB ($ 10.64) for everything

Chuan Chim( chwnchim) – Next up for an early lunch we’re going to eat at Chuan Chim( chwnchim ), a restaurant that serves stir fried foods made to order. It’s a type of restaurant where you can order and Thai or Thai Chinese dish, and it will be savory. One of their signature dishes is their pad kaprao – your alternative of meat with holy basil. What blew me apart is how “wok” smoky every dish is. Total cost – 360 THB ($ 11.97) for everything

Go La Hokkien Fried Noodle oklaa hmiihkekiiyn( ecchaaekaa) – A Thai Chinese noodle dish classic that you’ll find in Southern Thailand as well as Malaysia and Singapore is Hokkien mee. Go La Hokkien Fried Noodle oklaa hmiihkekiiyn( ecchaaekaa) is a legendary spot and has perfected their recipes – the reason why they are rightfully included in the Thai street food Michelin Guide. Price – 60 THB ($ 1.99) per bowl

O Tao Bang Niao( o` wtaaw baangehniiyw) – Finally to finish this Thai street food tour in Phuket, we’re going to see O Tao Bang Niao( o` wtaaw baangehniiyw) to eat a dish announced o tao, a Phuket speciality of seafood, smash, cubes of taro, garlic, chili, and spate of lard to fix things crispy. It’s kind of like a Phuket special version of an oyster omelet. It’s honestly not my favorite thing to eat in Phuket, but it’s something you should try because it’s only available in Phuket. Price – 70 THB ($ 2.33) for the seafood version

And that wraps up this Thai street food Michelin guide safarus of Phuket. Enjoy the luscious food!

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a phenomenal date!



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