BOSSIP Exclusive: Jackie Christie Talks Dream ‘All-Star Season’ Cast Of #BBWLA, Speaks On OG’s Colorism Comments

During a recent BOSSIP #RealityRecap , Jackie Christie dished to Deputy Editor @IamDaniCanada about Basketball Wives season 9.

VH1's 3rd Annual

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This season follows the females amid the COVID-1 9 pandemic as they enhancing the sisterhood in manors for some light-hearted( mainly) shade-free fun. Games are dallied, alcohol is sipped and some serious rest and relaxation come about; but there’s still a looming issue.

Ogom “OG” Chijindu and Evelyn Lozada are continuing their court clash over OG’s allegations that Evelyn is a ” colorist” and “racist.” After having explosive blowouts both on camera and on social media, Evelyn sued OG for libel and purposeful infliction of feelings distress, alleging that OG established spuriou ” colorism and racism “ berths about her that rate Evelyn endorsement slews and motived non-stop harassment from fans.

During our #RealityRecap Jackie bided neutral on the matter and said as the matriarch of the indicate if she personally construed anything prejudiced or colorist happening, she would’ve immediately interceded and put a stop to it.

” I don’t think there’s necessarily backs, or line-ups for us to pick to be on ,” said Jackie during BOSSIP’s # RealityRecap.” I precisely feel like I’m the matriarch of the display, the mother of the present and I just try to keep the girls together. Anybody experiencing, anything in their own lives, I wanna make it better if I can. And I “re just saying” like I’ve said before, if I would’ve felt that there was some type of racism or colorism going on, personally there would’ve been no finish Jackie Christie from mounting in two hoofs firstly and saying let’s get to the bottom[ of it ]. We’re gonna have a ponderosa about this !”

” At the end of the day, I don’t make nobody’s experiences away from them ,” Jackie added.” That’s why I’m feeing everybody to tune in, you guys are gonna be blown away! Tune in to the rest of the season and I recall a lot of questions will be answered .”

Later in #RealityRecap, Jackie offered her remembers on something fans would love to see; an “All-Stars” season of Basketball Wives.

If the VH1 show were to recruit previous and current basketball wives for a special edition show like another popular reality show is doing , Jackie told BOSSIP that she’d personally pick the following maids to join her on the throw 😛 TAGEND

” You’re gonna come me in so much trouble ,” said Jackie during BOSSIP’s # RealityRecap.” If I was trying to bring back a sizzle cast, precisely a disclosure, every one of you[ girls] know you’re my heart..I would bring myself, I’m gonna go there and say Malaysia because me and her, we might go after each other but we’re Leos and I know what Leos are about…

Sundy Carter…



Shaunie of course…

[ and] I would have to say Jenn[ Jennifer Williams ]. I’ve been in Jen’s face for the last two seasons like;” Come on Jenn, you need to come on, come on. She’s a sweetheart but at the end of the day she’s a firecracker very .”

In addition to Basketball Wives, Jackie is preparing for the launch of her own talk reveal, still selling her Bossard cognac and she’s planning to continue the tradition of holding the bow with her hubby Doug Christie .

The two are enjoying nearly 26 years of wedlock and will once again have a wedding, as they do each year, to mark the moment. Additionally, Jackie shared that she and her hubby have a real estate show in the works tentatively entitled” The Christie Flip .”

Basketball Wives breaths Tuesdays at 9/8 C on VH1.

Watch Jackie Christie on BOSSIP’s # RealityRecap below.

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