#BOSSIPSounds: Brooklyn Barsmith Buggzy Hoffa Brings That Classic New York Feeling Back On “How You Want It”

The Boy From Brooklyn!

Brooklyn barsmith Buggzy Hoffa is bringing that classic New York feeling back to Hip-Hop with gritty new single” How You Want It” where he flows like the rightful heir to the city’s storied Rap throne.

Fueled by a thirst for inventive exemption, the self-proclaimed geek describes himself as egotistical, mysterious and hard to read with a feeling of amber and strong disapproval for obstacles or self-restraint schemes.

The multifaceted Eric B Music Group/ Sony craftsman has been connected to the entertainment industry since senility 6 as the lad of James E. Wilson who was stage manager on “The Cosby show.”

With an inherent desire for music and recreation, Buggzy fell out of school to pursue his resentments with the dream of leaving a mark on the music nature and someday breaking into cinema as a scribe, chairman and performer in films.

Aside from being a talented artist, he’s also a passionate entrepreneur with a penchant for real estate, cryptocurrency and stock trading.

In 2019, he inserted his Hip-Hop group Black Diamond Mafia that catch big success with entry single “Superfly,” along with follow-up single “FireHose,” which garnered 1 million views on YouTube and graphed on the Top 50 iTunes Hip-Hop Singles and Digital Radio Tracker Top 10.

Buggzy’s undying beloved for creating and the high life is expressed through his undeniable writing talent as a published generator and collector of all things beautiful like movie props, draws, electronics and Anime.

With many provoked assignments up his plush sleeves, Buggzy is ready to take over the industry with his catchy music and beautiful persona.

Stream” How You Want It” here and follow his expedition to stardom here.

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