#BOSSIPSounds: Emerging Country Star Dani’ Wright Delivers Hot Girl Hootenanny Anthem “P.Y.T.”

New Dani Wright!

Dani Wright assets

Source: You Go Girl Ent.

Emerging Country star Dani’ Wright is ready to share her tale with the world through her music that breathes live into the culturally depressed genre.

Wright, who mixes her love of Trap and Country music, disappears smooth off on new single “P.Y.T.”( produced by Grammy-winning creators Brian Kennedy, Dave Young and Davix Foreman) that’s sure to get the juke joint crackin’ this summer.

So far, the NOL-Anative has built a busines for herself that catch the eye of mythical actress Tisha Campbell.

Dani Wright assets

Source: You Go Girl Ent.

Wright is the first creator to be signed to Campbell’s management company, You Go Girl Entertainment. On signing Wright, Campbell had this to say.

“Dani Wright being the first master from my companionship shapes me so excited. She’s been through so much better and it’s about time the world heard her. With my corporation, I just wanted to make sure I have artists I believes in and that I likewise admire.

She spurs me daily and I can’t wait for her to motivate others. As a country artist Dani has a soothing, heartfelt bang to her voice that the world will cherish. Not merely is she my master she’s also my writing partner and in writing this song it was fun and told who she was.”

For Wright, who has been through so much in her lifetime, it’s a dream come true that she’s able to draw music while paving the practice for other minorities in the Country music world.

“Honestly, the type of impact I want to draw on country music is empowerment and brainchild ,” she said.

I want to empower all women and specially young Black girls to pursue their dreams no matter what the obstacle course looks like. No topic how bumpy they may think it is and no matter how long they believe it might take.”

Campbell firmly being of the opinion that after everything Wright has been through it’s about duration the world heard her story.

“I want to sing songs and prepare music from my own personal tales that will be told for contemporaries to come. My fibs, my tempi, my nerve, and my truth to listen to and help someone salve, feel, laugh and cry long after I’m gone, ” she declared.

Stream ” P.Y.T .” here( and here) and follow her journeying to stardom here.

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