Brooklyn Book Festival returns online with Carousel tonight


The Brooklyn Book Festival is one of the ethnic highlightings of Fall in NYC and this year- startle! – it’s gone online! But that simply means that you can watch its insightful and relevant program from wherever you are.

Events kicked off today and work through the week. But tonight is a highlight for comics devotees, a brand-new publication of R. Sikoryak’s Carousel, a comics slideshow sequences that has been teaching readers and viewers for years. And tonight is top notch!

Carousel: Comics Achievement An online event of the 2020 Brooklyn Book Festival

Readings of graphic fictions and comics, with images, brought forward by 😛 TAGEND

Glynnis Fawkes( Charlotte Bronte Before Jane Eyre) Shary Flenniken( Trots and Bonnie) Mikki Kendall( Amazons, Abolitionists, and Organizer) Sophie Yanow( The Contradictions) Hosted by R. Sikoryak( Constitution Illustrated)

Watch online: Monday, September 28, 2020 at 8: 00 pm EDT Info: https :// brooklynbookfestival.org/ contest/ carousel-comics-performances /

BIOS: Glynnis Fawkes is the author of Charlotte Bronte Before Jane Eyre and Persephone’s Garden, both out in 2019. She coachs at the Center for Cartoon Studies and her slog has appeared in The New Yorker. Twitter and Instagram: @glynnisfawkes

Shary Flenniken is a Seattle-based cartoonist, editor, and screenwriter currently living in Seattle, Washington- best known for incorporating elements of feminism and gender politics in her Scoots and Bonnie comic in National Lampoon Magazine.

Mikki Kendall is the author of AMAZONS, ABOLITIONISTS, AND Activists( illustrated by A. D’Amico ), and of HOOD FEMINISM. Her papers can be found at TIME, the New York Times, The Guardian, the Washington Post; recent media figures include BBC, NPR, the Daily Show, PBS, Good Morning America, MSNBC, and Showtime. Website: mikkikendall.com

Sophie Yanow is the Eisner Award-winning cartoonist of The Antagonisms, What is a Glacier ?, and War of Streets and Houses. Her comics have appeared in The New Yorker, The Guardian, Los Angeles Review of Books, and The Nib.

R. Sikoryak’s brand-new volume is Constitution Illustrated, published by Drawn& Quarterly. His other journals include The Unquotable Trump, Terms and Requirements, and Masterpiece Comics. rsikoryak.com

More info on Carousel: carouselslideshow.com

As usual there are lots of excellent comics/ graphic romances focused programme during the festival, foreground here for your convenience. You’ll need to register via Zoom but we all know how that works by now, right? Members include Joe Sacco, Gene Luen Yang, Leslie Stein, Bianca Xunise and many more. Good stuff!

1: 00 pm EST October 4, 2020 Comics

Worlds within Worlds: When Fantasy Gets Real

What do you draw on — literally — to apply an imaginary nature with real ventures on the graphic tale page? Carey Pietsch discusses drawing readers into the D& D life of the# 1 New York Times best-selling Adventure Zone streak; Isabel Greenberg’s Glass Town reveals how the Bronte children co-created a imaginary nature out of bereavement; Bishakh Som constructs incredible structure from real lives in Spellbound and Apsara Engine; and Julia Gfrorer’s protagonist pushes a new life from a haunted mirror in Vision. Moderated by writer/ craftsman Camilla Zhang.

2: 00 pm EST October 4, 2020 Comics

Makers of the Road: Writing Hidden History

What are the histories we don’t hear? A jazz fiction glows brightly during a dark time in his busines; a baby tells moving storeys of China’s Cultural Revolution to her daughter; and, in a original comics journalist’s latest epic, the Dene Nation of Canada’s sprawling Northwest Territories seizes with the economic honor and ravaging culture costs of development. Joe Sacco( Paying the Land ), Dave Chisholm( Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker in California ), and Emei Burell( We Served the People) discuss generating unnoticed or undertold history to light.

4: 00 pm EST October 4, 2020 Comics/ Non-Fiction

Stand Up, Was talking about, Make Comics

From humor to horror, from journalism to first-person POV, these authors explore connections between revolutions of the past and speaking out loud in the present day. Travel from the protests against war and captivity in the 1970 s with Jared Reinmuth( Big Black: Stand at Attica) and Derf Backderf( Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio) to present-day combat with everyday systemic aggressions seen on scoot and disability benefits with A. Andrews( A Quick& Easy Guide to Sex and Disability) and Bianca Xunise( Be Gay Do Comics, Six Chix ). Moderated by Matt Lubchansky, writer of The Nib.

10: 00 pm EST October 4, 2020 Comics/ Non-Fiction

Putting the I in Graphic: Drawing the Self

Writing down recollections is an intimate act; drawing the remembered ages is even more so, whether they’re yours or of those around you. Join these authors on the journeying. Tyler Feder’s Dancing at the Pity Party follows her journey dealing with here her mother’s diagnosis and eventual death of cancer, while Mike Hawthorne’s Happiness Will Follow remembers growing up with a single baby and a Santeria curse, and Yao Xiao’s Everything Is Beautiful And I’m Not Afraid, compiling her semiautobiographical comic Baopu, fetches residence a lesbian emigrant’s search for identity and attachment. Moderated by Women Write About Comics editor-in-chief Nola Pfau.

Leslie Stein and Adrian Tomine in speech

7:00pm EST

October 5, 2020

Comics/ Non-Fiction

Leslie Stein’s graphic memoir I Know You Rider takes locate over the 12 month period surrounding an abortion, tackling the complex subject of reproductive option — and pick more generally — candidly and philosophically. Adrian Tomine’s The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist is a comedic memoir about fandom, fame, and other awkwardness from living conditions of the New York Times bestselling generator of Killing and Dying. Journalist and editor Nicole Rudick speaks to Stein and Tomine about their comics.

And one for Kids Day on October 3 😛 TAGEND Drawing Our Stories

5: 00 pm EST October 3, 2020 Fiction/ Non-Fiction/ YA

What are our stories? As we grow up and figure out our target in the world, we find them — or form them. The cases that spawn them up encompass queerness, intolerance, family history, politics, sexism, activism, and athletics in this discussion with Mike Curato( Flamer ), Kiku Hughes( Displacement ), and Gene Luen Yang( Dragon Hoops ). Moderated by New York Times Book Review journalist MJ Franklin.

Festival programming includes a line-up of literary dignitaries from Colson Whitehead to Joyce Carol Oates and many more, so check out all the programming.

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