Bye ‘Bully’! Married To Medicine’s Lisa Nicole Cloud Accuses Dr. Heavenly Of ‘Fat Shaming’

New season, brand-new reignited beefs…who dis?

Lisa Nicole Cloud, Heavenly Kimes

Source: Quantrell Colbert/ Bravo

Season 8 of ” Married To Medicine “ is on the way and two cast members who are far from friends STILL have issues.

Lisa Nicole Cloud who was previously peculiarity on seasons 2-4 is back in the mix and clashing once again with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. After already beefing over a myriad of issues…

the two will face off again when the new season debuts Sunday, March 7 at 9/8 c.

According to Lisa Nicole, Heavenly is still on her bad feature, this time for” trying to compete with her .” According to the returning Bravo TV star, Heavenly has a” lack of name” and is a copycat.

“Heavenly is the one that has not been very welcoming of my return, and I don’t think we were ever in race reason I don’t compete against Heavenly. Let’s be for real.” Lisa Nicole Cloud tells All About The Tea .

“I will say Heavenly has a way of trying to copy everybody. She doesn’t truly know what she wants to be when she grows up. One minute she’s a relationship expert. The next time she’s a matrimony guru.” Lisa Nicole shared with All About The Tea .“I retain a season where she was talking to us about our marriage. Then she has a dating app and then she’s in real estate properties. I sounds she’s selling hair now. She’s still tryna figure out what she wants to be.”

Lisa Nicole Cloud, Heavenly Kimes

Source: Quantrell Colbert/ Bravo

She also said she’s brawled with Heavenly over mobile Covid testing components in Season 8. Harmonizing to Lisa, she’s not certain that Heavenly and her hubby had pure intents when they started doing COVID-1 9 testing.

“We’re a pandemic, we are therefore undoubtedly needed all the Covid testing we have been able to do. I wouldn’t say we should be arguing about Covid testing, but I will say that I had is being done Covid testing since the pandemic make. I own a diagnostic laboratory, so we actually have ACLA, we pass Covid testing and so we’ve been out in local communities from day 1, trying to make a difference and work underserved communities.” Lisa Nicole tells All About The Teaexclusively.

“And right around the time that the Cameras started wheeling is all of a sudden when you watch Heavenly and Dr. Damon make Covid testing. I’m not saying they didn’t want to make a difference. I’m just saying I don’t know if it was for the camera or they truly wanted to be of service to the community. So that’s the reason that we had or discussions that maybe parties are referring to .. cause umm I don’t think they’re still doing it. I reckon once the cameras wrap that was a wrap of fishing fleets of portable RVs that were testing. Let’s be claer, Dr. Damon is an amazing doctor, I actually reckon Damon is a good guy but being out in the pits, that’s some real cultivate.”

Lisa also added that Heavenly shadily “fat-shamed” her this season and was indicated that she gained weight during the pandemic.

According to Lisa, that’s unfair because Heavenly was at one point allegedly over 300 pounds before slimming down to her current size.

” Heavenly used to say I was fat and accused me of gaining a lot of heavines ,” said Lisa.” And saying that I had a belly and all that kind of stuff and granted we’ve been in Covid and I have are caught up some pounds, but we’re talking about somebody who was 350 pounds, I has ever been over 125 pounds in m soul even in my heaviest state.

Fat-shaming after getting your force tow now you crave it to be–I give it to Hevnmly she’s looking much, considerably better than she’s ever gaped but let’s not get a big head .”

Messy, cluttered, messy.

Watch Lisa Nicole Cloud talk” Married To Medicine” with All About The Tea below.

Will YOU “ve been watching”” Married To Medicine” this Sunday ???

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