Constant-volume calorimetry | Thermodynamics | AP Chemistry | Khan Academy

Constant-volume calorimetry is used to measure the change in internal vigor, DE, for a combustion action. In this technique, a test is burned under constant loudnes in a design called a bomb calorimeter. The extent of hot released in the reaction can be calculated using the equation q= -CDT, where C is the heat capacity of the calorimeter and DT is the temperature change. Because the combustion occurs at constant volume, q is equal to DE for the reaction. View more exercises or practise this issue at https :// www.khanacademy.org/ science/ ap-chemistry-beta/ x2eef969c74e0d802: thermodynamics/ x2eef969c74e0d802: heat-capacity-and-calorimetry/ v/ constant-volume-calorimetry

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