Customer Service Week is October 5-9: Learn 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Virtual Agents When They Need it Most (Thanks, 2020)

2020 didn’t cancel National Customer Service Week. The galas are adjusted for October 5-9, and it’s up to you to celebrate your team , no matter where they’re working.

I blinked in March and now somehow we’re finalizing our plans for Q4. This time, we’ve been stripped of ritual. We were tossed into a situation none of us asked for- and certainly , none of us wanted.

We’ve dealt with sickness and loss, missed important gratifies, birthdays, weds, funerals and back-to-school festivities. And even though we’re resilient and making it in stride, it doesn’t manufacture the current state of things any more comfortable.

Add to it the stress of administration singularly furious customers while working in a make-shift home office, sometimes with adolescents at home, and I can virtually guarantee your agents are close to their tipping point.

That’s why this year, now more than ever, it’s vital to appreciate your negotiators a little extra during Customer Service Week. We enjoy this celebratory first week in October because it makes workers- the heart and soul of our firm- back at the center of customer service.

It opens managers like you dedicated hour and cavity to recognize the big impact your negotiators have on your client event and your corporation. That’s why we’re offering up five ways to celebrate all the hard work your agents pour into their jobs , no matter what work looks a lot like for your crew this year.

1. Virtual coffee meetups

Kick off Customer Service Week and planned virtual chocolate meetups or 1:1 s with your agents.

Data shows that the most memorable recognition comes from an employee’s manager. Dedicate time this week to check in with each of your team representatives. Have your conventional 1:1 dialogue, discussing action metrics and action items, first. Then, expand upon it.

Ask your operators a matter of their careers, “peoples lives”, their endeavours and how they’re certainly feeling. And, take this opportunity to offer individual praise. Make documents ahead of time, so you have specific moments to call out and appreciate. Build genuine connection and thanks into your every weekly meeting.

Pro Tip: Use your 52 questions as gossip starters to better understand your negotiators. And, set the stage for a affectionate and casual conversation. Email your agents a$ 5-10 coffee talent card ahead of time, so they can pick up their favorite alcohol before you meet.

2. Mail out handwritten placards from you and your other ops managers.

Only one in three workers in the U.S. feels like they’ve received acknowledgment or praise for good work in the past week at any given time.

“At any sacrificed firm, it’s not uncommon for employees to feel that their best efforts are routinely neglected. Further, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year.”

Annamarie Mann and Nate Dvorak for Gallup

Customer service week is the perfect opportunity to offer up praise to your unit and thank them for all they do. Dealing with constant patron accusations and mete misuse deserves more than a simple thank you. But those two paroles alone have a pretty incredible impact. Order some thank you placards and carry them off to your work from residence workers. Better yet, get your ops captains and your exec team to pen a thank you, too.

Recognition from corporation chairmen and administrators is proven to resonate most with works. And, when employees feel admired publicly from the top, they feel more secure and invested in their roles.

Some 68% of workers imagine public recognition has at least some impact on their ability to get a collect or advertisement. When you think about it, it starts sense. If I’m an operator and my overseer is vocal about how extraordinary I’m doing, I’d definitely feel a sense of pride and security when speeches about improvement opportunities originate among leadership.

3. Revisit cruel policies and roll out brand-new ones.

Stop supporting abusive and harmful patterns in your bellow hub. Today.

Restrictive plans, airtight scripts and the mentality to “put the customer first” no matter the cost to your agents crush your team.

When I see call center forums to learn what really glitches your workers, I find far too many hazardous practices and antiquated conduct techniques that steamroll the humanity of customer service agents.

Agents call their exit canvas therapeutic because they can spill the details of their nasty medicine without dread of vengeance. They jump for joy when their phone system goes down, so they get a few minutes of peace.

What’s more? They’re even trenching well-paid positions and job security to go to companies who pay less but analyse parties like- well, people.

How these negotiators felt about years of poor treatment actually stood out to us:

“ I left a company where I was on track for administration. I made good money and had significant benefits, but the abuse I was expected to accept each day AND THEN they had the courage to tell us in a meeting “we have policies in place and require customers to adhere to them, but if they push really give them what they want. We need to keep up our Google reviews.” I started looking for new jobs that day. Your mental health issues is 100% more important.”

“Though in this job, sometimes I even question myself as to whether or not I’m anything more than a prerecorded utter on the line.”

In Customer Service Week 2020, how about a focus on better treatment in the workplace

“I wonder if my fellowship thinks they can just let us be treated like complete$ hi+ just because they pay well. Yeah welfares are good but after doing this for YEARS and it’s not reforming and getting worse is it really worth it? I truly am debating on going somewhere else that’s a$ 2 offer cut merely to be happy and lose a lot of good benefits because I am just DONE. Four times with this company next month and I’m precisely dead. I be applicable to love my job and now I dread everything about it.”

When you restrict your agents to strict such policies and uncompromising scripts, they feel less than. They permit constant dullnes, going through the motions and following plans without a free judgment. It meets them feel like replaceable robots , not living, breathing people.

This Customer Service Week, heave suffocating such policies and practices out the window. Use CS week and the start of Q4 to set points, policies and metrics that help your operators do better work. Ditch tired rehearsals once and for all, so your workers know you’re dedicated to making their lives easier every day is progressing , not just 1 week in October.

4. Offer abundant praise and identification.

Recognizing individual employees induces them happier at work.

Its simple. Recognition skyrockets happiness.

Not exclusively that, but according to Gallup, employees who get recognized more often are less likely to leave their companies in the next 6 months.

That’s why the coming week, a week dedicated to agent happiness, recognition should live at the center.

Use Bonusly’s guide to the Five Languages of Appreciation at Work to learn how individual employees truly want to give and receive homage. Here’s the zipped-up version.

Words of Affirmation

How to use it: Verbal praising your agent in a unit find or 1:1

Acts of Service

How to use it: Stepping in to handle a few customer interactions when you know your agent is overwhelmed.

Quality Time

How to use it: Invite your operators or directors to a coffee chat or lunch meeting


How to use it: Money and talent cards talk( when you already provide a healthy working conditions)

Physical Touch

How to use it: High-pitched fives and fist protrusions to entitle your unit after they’ve nailed an interaction.

Another Hint: Current social distancing rules( and remote teams) make this a tough category. Get innovative and think through how you can fake it. Virtual high fives and toasts are welcome. We’ve done it.

5. Host a virtual lunch and learn lines.

Use Customer Service Week to invest in your agents- at work and in life. Kick off a lunch and learn streaks where you’ll bring in guest loudspeakers to help your operators advanced sure-fire skill sets. Maybe even emcee a virtual state and wellness fair over the next few weeks to introduce your team to new self-care programmes. And, work with your peer supervisors to cover interactions while your operators take time away from their queues to participate.

With the burden of expensive proceed removed, going a standout talker to talk to or teach your crew remotely is more attainable.

Here are some options for speakers you can bring in to help your operators:

Customer service expert Financial planner Health& wellness coach Nutritionist Career coach

Think through how you can help your agents improve their whole lives , not just their age at work. Your squad shows up to work to earn the income they need for life’s requisites. So, act as a result backer and help them grow in areas of life beyond your contact middle walls, too.

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