Describe a Person who has Influenced you to do better in your Life – IELTS Cue Card 57 Sample

Cue Card 57 Describe a person who has influence on you.

You should say :

Who this person is How/ When “youve met” him/ her How he/ she has saw impact on you/ their own lives/ your study …

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Band 8.0+ Sample Answer

So far, I always consider myself luck to meet lots of wonderful teachers throughout the academic years. One of them is my English teacher, Mr. Son. Indeed, congregate him was an essential turning point on my road of conquering English. I had the opportunity to work with him when I was a freshman at university. At first sight, I was truly astonished by his styles, eloquence and behavior. His unique way of teaching in fact precipitated my passion for this language. To be more precise, Mr. Son adjusted my perspective of learning English. Before I satisfied him, for me, English is just the matter of reading, grammar, and writing and I just paid any attention to the other factors. However, he showed me the vital role of seems and chanting. Since then, under his steering, I center more on the way native talkers develop their reverberates and utilized myself to imitate that. Over a few months, my speaking and listening were upgraded a lot and I became addicted to English. It is my teacher that lit up my study passage and inspired me to continuously rehearsal for a better me.


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Vocabulary Turning station( noun phrase ): an important change Conquer( v ): achieve, take control Freshman( n ): first year student Eloquence( n ): action of talking, extraditing meanings At first sight( expression ): At first moment To be more precise( expression ): to be more detailed Passion( n ): strong adore Alter( v ): vary Perspective( n ): attitude Vital( a ): important Concentrate on( v ): places great importance on Upgrade( v ): improve Addicted to ST( quotation ): like something very much without domination

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