Design Milk Exclusive: Raleigh Denim Workshop x Corey Mason Limited Edition Collab

Design Milk Exclusive: Raleigh Denim Workshop x Corey Mason Limited Edition Collab

We’re super stimulated to reveal something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while now- an exclusive collaboration with style+ residence decoration symbol Raleigh Denim Workshop and creator Corey Mason! No two sections are the same. Each part is a numbered, one-off piece of art.

This super restriction publication collecting of wearable artistry is exclusively available at Design Milk Shop. The parts are very limited so you can add a piece of art to your residence or closet that nobody else will have.

The hand screen-printed collection consists of 2 sweatshirts( olive green+ melon ), 1 pocket tee( olive green ), 2 tote bags( selvage denim+ green selvedge twill) and 1 fling pillow( green selvage linen ). Each section is numbered with very limited quantities of each available.

Fueled by friendship and a desire to push each other through a shortage of invention, Victor Lytvinenko, Master Jeansmith and Co-Founder of Raleigh Denim Workshop, and Corey Mason teamed up to co-create this new limited edition accumulation of fad, residence decoration and accessories. The intends were driven by exploring each other’s complementary innovative superpowers through process and repetition. Very much inspired by the chaos and unpredictability of sort, the duo went off on a pursuing to toss some seeds in a field and see what proliferates. Their explorations resulted in a modern, floral-themed collection that is a perfect balance of both arts and craft.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Victor and Sarah’s dedication to craft and clevernes, which includes partnering with others in order to better to co-create exciting high-quality blueprints that feel unique and special. Acquiring a piece from this accumulation is like owning art that’s beautiful and functional.

I talked to both Victor and Corey about the process of creating the collection. Victor says that collaboration gasolines him:” It propagandizes me to do new things, lets me create in new ways and articulates wild, unexpected ideas in my psyche .”

There’s an energy that get developed when two beings work on something together who also respect and trust each other.

–Corey Mason

Echoing Victor, Corey says,” There’s an energy that gets originated when two people work on something together who likewise respect and confidence each other .” I asked about about this particular floral pattern and where the seed for the idea was embed( forgive me, puns aimed ). He shows,” Remember that day you were lying on your back in the grove catching your sigh looking up at the sky? All you see is green leaves stirring palls against the bright blue sky. This is that moment .”

His connectedness to nature isn’t intentional, though. Having been taught as a scenery decorator, Corey doesn’t have a firm answer as to why he’s drawn to natural ornaments:” I don’t know, is the short answer. What I do know is there is influence there, as it ever seems to show up in the project some behavior. But it’s not some sort of manifesto with a clear agenda. I didn’t set out to be a landscape painter or a nature painter. The mystics will tell you everything is connected to everything in a quantum physics sorta unexplainable nature. There’s something there- a bail, an interest, a longing .”

With the right people- open minded, open hearted, skilled- we can create so much more than a” innovative precipitate “… we can create an inferno.

–Victor Lytvinenko

Both Corey and Victor cite the pandemic as being the impetus for their collaboration:” I used to work a similar needle conception successions about 2 years ago and killed it shortly after as I just wasn’t sure where it was going. It was fun and I was proud of it but felt the need to move on. And had no plans to revisit it. Then the virus happened, which began a renewed interest in being outside, thumping the reset button on everything. The foliage draws emerged again ,” Corey explains.

Victor also felt a pull in a different direction:” I had been going to the shop every night by myself to create and shape something every day, but after a marry months I was coming stir crazy. Corey lives 2 blocks over and I reached out to see if he wanted to work on something together and he extended an invitation over to his studio. We didn’t have a direction at that point. I imparted fabrics and a few cases outfits; we knew we could make an amazing capsule collection…and here we are !”

Corey Mason and Victor Lytvinenko

>>> View the collecting here. Read more about Corey’s artwork here. <<<

* This Collection is only available to ship within Continental U.S.

Photography courtesy of Shay Stifelman.

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