Dr. Dre’s Camp Says Estranged Wife Nicole Young Will Need To ‘Tighten That Belt’ Following Divorce

The ongoing divorce between Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, just continues to get messier and messier.

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According to reports from TMZ, the producer is warning Young that the party is about to be over when it comes to money, saying he’s opening her highway more now than she’ll get once the divorce is final.

Throughout these proceedings, Dre claims he has been footing the statement for all of his estranged wife’s expenses, expend $293,306 a few months while the divorce attains its acces through the courts. The California native is hanging his hat on a prenup that says all of their owned is separate, though she is entitled to spousal support if they divorce. While one of Nicole’s earliest claims states that Dre tore up the prenup shortly after their 1996 marriage, he continues to deny that.

Conformity to roots connected to Dr. Dre, the court-approved schedule establishing the factors in compute spousal subsistence entitles Nicole to somewhere between $138,622 and $81,002 a month-much less than the $ two million in temporary spousal support she registered legal documents for earlier this year. As one beginning told TMZ,” Once this case is resolved and Dre finishes his current practice of paying for all of her outlays, Nicole is going to have to learn to tighten that belt .” The outlet goes on to say that Dre has now registered a police forces, claiming Nicole pilfered a total of $385,029 from one of his business. They go on to claim that when Nicole was asked about it during her deposition, she asserted the 5th-even though her lawyers have previously stated that she was entitled to the money.

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