Expansive JRPG-inspired MMO Zenith is coming to PS VR

Our team adorations anime, MMOs, and VR but there was nothing out there that combined all three for a satisfying suffer. We set out to build Zenith because it was the game we wanted to play, and because we believed that many of you would feel the same way.

The World

Zenith is a VR MMO that marries a colorful open world with adrenaline running act escapade gameplay. Our game has beautiful, hand-crafted environments that you’ll spend hours getting “ve lost”. From lush canopies in the Amarite Forest, to turquoise blue water at the Radiant Coast, to the hyper futuristic metropoli of Zenith itself, we’ve built a stylized fantasy world dripping with item. Of route beautiful vistum is simply one part of making Zenith feel like a living world, we’ve also invested lots of time on myth, infusing the naming with intricate items that fetching it to life.


Set contemporaries after a ruinous occasion known exclusively as The Fracture, participates will be drawn into an engrossing narrative as they crusade man and deities alike to prevent catastrophe from striking again. Using the power of Essence, the magical lifeblood of all living beings, players will be increased increasingly potent as they adventure together — engagement a colorful cast of endorses and scoundrels along the way.

The Movement

With such a big world-wide, we also wanted to give you unparalleled freedom of movement.

In Zenith you can climb anything. Use your hands to climb up the sides of skyscrapers or beings cliff faces, discovering mystery areas and searching for hidden treasure. You have restriction stamina, which increases as you explore the world, so you’ll need to plan your ascent carefully.


Soar through the skies consuming our Gliding system to quickly fly to distant areas of the planned, get the drop on some antagonists, or just take in the view.

The Combat

The most amazing open life doesn’t convey hunker if we don’t have a deep core game loop to keep you filled for hours, and that’s exactly what we aim to deliver with our hyper-immersive combat system that’s only possible in VR.

While numerous MMORPGs feel like spreadsheet simulators, Zenith feels tactile and simple to learn. Instead of learning a million formulae about damage, you’ll be mastering intuitive mechanics like throwing, blocking, and sidestepping. Parry the freezing steel of your enemy’s blade, throw your personnel like a wizard, and even dodging arrows while slow time.

Mastery of blade and supernatural in Zenith makes both meter and rehearsal as you learn how to launch the excellent combining of attacks, blocks, and sorceries while crusading various categories of strong antagonists that will test your spirit. For your perseverance you’ll be reinforced with rare and potent nuclear weapons and abilities that will help you contact the altitudes of power.

Massively Multiplayer

No MMORPG would be complete without the “Massively Multiplayer” ingredient and we’re no exclusion. The social experience is especially important to us as makes because we believe that online recreations can empower people, and build relationships as strong as real world!( No joke, I got married to my wife in Final Fantasy 14 before we got married in real world)


Zenith will peculiarity ladens of party content including epic world-wide heads, public contests, and vaults. Particularly challenging content is necessary careful coordination, and that’s where our society organisation comes into focus. Start your own guild with your friends and rise to prominence, or attach an established sorority to subdue Zenith’s greatest challenges.

Customize categories to fit your playstyle

One of the exhilarations of VR is that it gives you a chance to completely reinvent yourself and we crafted our class arrangement to do only that. In Zenith your class doesn’t dictate what persona you’ll play. Roles aren’t restrained to your class, so you can Tank as an Essence Mage or regenerate as a Blade Master whenever you want! RPGs are all about choice, we are therefore designed all our systems to provide fun and surprising new combinations to match any playstyle.

We love MMORPGs and JRPGs — some might even call it an preoccupation. Working on Zenith has been a dream realized for all of us. We are honored to have a chance to build this macrocosm, and can’t wait for you to visit. Please caused us know what you’re energized about in the comments below!

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