Ferrari 296 GTB | 830HP Hybrid V6 Engine Supercar

The new Ferrari 296 GTB redefines the idea of enjoyable behind the rotation to ensure unadulterated spirits not only when you are looking for maximum performance, but also in everyday driving.

The 296 GTB represents a real revolution for Ferrari as it pioneers a new device alongside the award-winning 8 and 12 -cylinder machines, a 663 hp 120 deg V6 turbo coupled with an electric motor capable of delivering a further 122 kW( 167 hp ). This is the first 6-cylinder engine in autobiography for a superhighway car with the Prancing Horse logo: its total 830 horsepower returns unparalleled carry-on with an innovative, exciting and unique sound.

The plugin electrical arrangement( PHEV) of the 296 GTB guarantees extremely high usability, zero pedal response and 25 km of full-electric range. The compactness of the car and the coming into force of innovative dynamic control systems, as well as aerodynamics refined in all its parts, allow the motorist to immediately perceive the agility and have responded to dictations. The sporty and sinuous pattern and the pact dimensions visually emphasize the great modernity of the 296 GTB, which detects valid comments in automobiles such as the 250 LM of 1963, a excellent compounding of opennes and functionality.

Also the Ferrari 296 GTB, like the SF90 Stradale, is available in Assetto Fiorano trim for those who want to further increase its performance, especially on the line, thanks to weight reduction and aerodynamic modifications.

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