For Your Viewing Pleasure: Winston Duke & Zazie Beetz Star In The New Trailer For ‘Nine Days’ [Video]

Nine Days was a touch at Sundance Film Festival at the top of its first year, which led to the film getting snagged by Sony Pictures Classics for liberation in 2021.

2020 Sundance Film Festival -

Source: George Pimentel/ Getty

The upcoming film just got its first trailer, which hotshots Atlanta and Deadpool 2 hotshot Zazie Beetz alongside Black Panther’s Winston Duke.

This preview of the film shows the duo as unborn souls in a rapturous kind of purgatory. Then, they get called to a shack to undergo a nine-day-long test to see which one of them will leave this in-between plane in order to be born into life on Earth. After the test, the unborn spirits will snap out of existence as the win goes on to live life in the real world.

Things seem to get complicated in the film when Winston Duke’s character, Will-the arbiter of the test-falls for the person that would be Zazie. The other spirits in competitor for a blot at life include Bill Skarsgard, Tony Hale and Benedict Wong among them. The film is a first from Edson Oda and is being executive-produced by Spike Jonze.

While any announced release time should be taken with a grain of salt given the current circumstances, as of now, Nine Days is set for release on January 22.

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