Four short links: 29 Sep 2020

When Coffeemakers Demand Ransom — So he then examined the mechanism the coffee maker used to receive firmware updates. It turned out they were received from the phone with–you suspected it–no encryption , no authentication, and no system signing. Good-for-nothing impressive here other than it’s 2020 and companies still applied shitty software into their hardware. Returns to Scale vs Experience — Big machines are sometimes more efficient. But they expenditure more, so fewer can be produced with a finite fund. Small machines are cheaper and may benefit from improvement over occasion, driven by experience in build more measurements. When does this experience lead to greater overall economy? We derive an conjecture which, given a learning rate, tells how much smaller a machine must be to overcome an initial efficiency detriment. Ten Years of Studying Social Bots — The first exertion that specifically addressed the detection of automated details in online social networks years back to January 2010. A good autobiography, politenes the ACM. CRDTs are the Future — A beloved observe to CRDTs from someone who worked on Wave.

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