Friday Five With Maurice Cherry of Lunch

Friday Five With Maurice Cherry of Lunch

Maurice Cherry is principal and artistic lead at Lunch, an award-winning multidisciplinary artistic studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s perhaps most well-known for his award-winning podcast Revision Path, which showcases Black decorators, developers and digital founders from around the world. It’s the first podcast to be added to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture( NMAAHC ). Some of Maurice’s other projects include the Black Weblog Awards, 28 Days of the Web, The Year of Tea and the design anthology RECOGNIZE. Today Maurice meets us for Friday Five!

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1. Tea It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of tea- I even did a podcast in 2015 where I assessed a different tea every day! My objective with that job was to demystify a lot of the marketing around tea in the U.S. and open up tea consumption to a more general gathering via this daily rehearsal. It’s five years later, and while I don’t drink too many different teas now, I do have a cup or two of builder’s tea( Morning Thunder from Celestial Seasonings) nearly every day.

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2. Writing I’ve always been addicted to writing, and I have dozens of notebooks and pens and pencils to gratify my dres. A fountain pen with a Moleskine is probably my favorite combination to get some freewriting in, and I find writing by hand to be a lot more personal and cathartic for me than typing. Actually, these days I do a lot of voice typing. There’s a great app called Otter that rewrites your discussion, which is great when I have an idea in bed or when I’m out and about and I need to reference it later. Even Google Docs does utter typing now! But the physical number of putting pen to newspaper will always be in my heart.

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3. iPad Pro Funny thing about the iPad Pro– when I firstly bought it, I told myself “I’m probably simply going to use this at home as a media uptake device.” Well, I’m glad to say that’s not the case anymore!( Even though I am at home now, like many of us in the U.S. are because of the COVID-1 9 pandemic .) I use this thing religiously for everything from taking notes to constituting music to doing badge sketches to being a makeshift laptop on the go. The 11 ” version is perfect for me- not too big and not too small.

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4. Lin-Manuel Miranda I have been following Lin-Manuel Miranda’s job since I looked In The Heights on a caprice on a trip to NYC in 2010. Of direction, everyone knows about his stratospheric rise to fame with Hamilton and his other projects since then. I don’t know Lin-Manuel personally, but he feels like a “friend in my head”, if that fixes sense. Granted, I’m nowhere near the visionary he is, but I certainly revere that he’s been able to work across works, film, music, television and theater, and is also a strong advocate for so many worthwhile begins. I hope to be able to have that kind of reach with my work. I like that Lin-Manuel Miranda. He seems friendly … like you could grab a brew with him.

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5. Nintendo Switch I have extreme label patriotism to Nintendo- I’m an 80 ’s baby, after all- so I knew I would affection the Nintendo Switch. It’s actually facilitated me been through this pandemic. It’s the excellent design for gamers that trip because it’s tiny enough to fit in a carry-on, and you can use the dock to seamlessly modulation from handheld to console play. The best thing about the Switch is the variety of indie games available, which unhappily Nintendo does not do a very good job of sell on the eShop. But once you dive in there and find what’s available, then there’s plays for everyone out there on the Switch.

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Revision Path

Revision Path is an award-winning weekly showcase of Black decorators, developers and digital artistics from all over the world. Through in-depth interviews, you’ll learn about their work, their goals and what inspires them as innovative individuals.

28 Days of the Web

28 Days of the Web pieces a different network designer, graphic designer or web make every day for the month of February in conjunction with and fete of Black History Month.( And on leap years, we supplement an additional person !)

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