From the Top: How 7Mesh was built

In this escapade we speak to the three co-founders of apparel brand, 7Mesh.

I’ve known of 7Mesh for a few years and own half a dozen of their products( which are stupendous ). But I didn’t become aware of or interested in this story until former patron of this podcast, Tory Fehy- founder of Apidura bikepacking crates and remarkable being in her own freedom- recommended it, gave me a bit of their backstory, and then made an intro. So, thank you, Tory.

Getting into the cycling apparel business could now be one of the lowest barrier-to-entry segments in service industries. Anyone with an Instagram account and some design ability can source immediately from plants in Italy or China and create a clothing’ brand’ these days.

That’s not to say some don’t break through and establish legitimate and deserving professions this method- I know a few first-hand who have. This low barrier to introduction has facilitated some wonderful symbols to get started and flourish. But because of this it is now a crowded grocery, and it’s tough to distinguish who’s doing great work and innovating, and who’s just pumping out expendable fashion.

From the moment I firstly detected 7Mesh I knew this was going to be something different.

For those who don’t know, 7Mesh is an apparel brand based in Squamish, Canada which determines top character apparel procreated for the demands of mountain biking, gravel and road.

The three founders, Tyler Jordan( you’ll examine him often being referred to as TJ ), Ian Martin and Calumn Davidson aren’t three people who arbitrarily got together to do a spirit assignment. They were three early staff members and integral to the success of outdoor clothing juggernaut, Arcteryx.

Tyler was the CEO, Ian was VP of product, and Calum Davidson was head of operations- and all were( and still are) nuts for cycling. They were also great friends in their days at Arcteryx and were having fun, propagandizing borders, and coming shit done.

But as the saying proceeds, better than good things come to an tip and as the three oversaw terrific growing in the business they all make everything up to go off on their own and establish something from scratch.

To tell the story of 7Mesh, we need to get to know Tyler, Calum and Ian in their early days at Arcteryx

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