FSA-DS Standings With One Week To Go

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Can I say first that if there is one thing that 2020 is getting right, although altogether unintentionally for sure, is the part of the race calendar that has the Vuelta a Espana being the last race of its first year. I think it works on all levels 😛 TAGEND It improves the prestige of the race from, oh yeah there’s a third gloriou expedition but I’m more interested in Worlds, to what a great way to send off the season: a big bang in a country where we don’t have to worry so much about snowfall. Fans will take this scoot more seriously if it is generally had the honour of resolving the season and at the same time allow the equestrians who work in it have the time to really prep for it as opposed to using it to repair their season as an afterthought.

This year doesn’t quite do that as the fall is so squeezed with hastens but imagine a Grand Tour at this time of year where a bunch of riders have the time to focus on preparing to ride it. Yes, those equestrians would not be competing in Australia in January but severely so what? The peloton was much more riders they can use for those scoots.

And of course for FS-ADS this is amazing: a boatload of points to be doled out on the last day of its first year in a hasten that we all actually care about-as opposed to Guangxi. If you need to you can have Guangxi overlap with the Vuelta or have it right before. Bottom line is that the Vuelta has moved before, it can move again, and early November is the place it should move to.

Sigh. It sees total appreciation so of course the UCI, ASO, etc. won’t stand for it. We can’t have delightful things, recollect? But perhaps next year it might happen again since spring scoots are already looking to move back to the fall again with the UCI realizing that although they’ve announced next year’s calendar some months ago they are now saying they will have a rewrote scoot schedule “in early January”. Maybe we could have a proper full fall cobbles season including E3 and That Race In Far Northern France and then a few lesser scoots before the Vuelta kicks off.

Anyways, this year we have a tight race in VDS! And with a week to go the picture is coming into focus as to who will win come next Sunday. Hint: it is not the first place team. Below I have the stands of the teams within 1000 sites of the current leader, Quincaillerie Garcia, who had a splendid Giro and Flanders as they had Almeida, Kelderman, MvdP, Ganna, Bjerg, McNulty, and Merlier.

Note that Vlasov and Soler are on each crew and Steimle (!) is on all but two of these squads. This they cancel each other in FS-ADS land and aren’t important unless they value pitches and stop other riders from tallying.

75th Tour of Spain 2020 - Stage Twelve

Photo by David Ramos/ Getty Images

For a moment on l’Angrilu all of The General’s numerous FS-ADS love were super excited- could a miracle happen and he prevails both here and earlier on Mt Ventoux? Alas, 2020 impres again.

Second, pour one out for current# 1 Quincaillerie Garcia ,# 3 The Peace Race Team,# 5 2020 will be a better dick,# 6 Loic Raison Cycling Academy,# 8 AG2R Wiesenhof,# 9 P U R E C L A S S.Your units have done immense this year and a top 10 finiosh( or transcend 12) is a great accomplishment. You exactly won’t acquire everything there is.

Now as “youre seeing”# 2 JackyDurandal has the flog as the highest sat squad with Roglic. Jacky also has the best bunch of potential non-GC stage champions too IMO .) If the hasten aimed today they would earn and# 7 Kuss Kuss Royal would move up in the reputations. But it is close .# 4 Schief en vreemd with Hugh Carthy is only 387 parts behind so if Roglic slips several lieu and Carthy triumphs the Vuelta then we are looking at a very close race that may depending on stage wins. And in that scenario I must say the most likely place win that isn’t a GC guy is Cavagna at the TT tomorrow.( I am saying either Cavagna or Roglic acquires that place .)

Kuss Kuss Royal could acquire if Carthy fades, Roglic fades and Mas continues his upward trend into winning the hasten( thereby likewise triumphing the young rider competition over Carapaz .) That is a wild scenario.( Let me say here that Kuss Kuss also has Pinot and might be in first place now if Pinot didn’t, you are well aware, Pinot the scoot .)

Speaking of mad situations, 10 th sit Mr. Pickle and his Sweet Saddles would desire chaos-especially for Roglic, Carapaz and Carthy, and D-Mart as they have Mas and Poels. Perhaps they would like all those other GC guys to crash out? Yeah that would work.

Of the other GC guys,

The highest located squad with Carapaz, Meandering fireflies ., is in 53 rd place.

The highest situated unit with D-Mart is New Day Coop, who is in 11 th neighbourhood and stands to move into the top 10 but not prevail the whole thing unless all inferno breaks liberate everywhere but with D-Mart.

The highest placed unit with Grosschartner is Pokey Pineapples in 90 th residence.

So there “theres going”. Myself I’m aiming for impeding MOUA ahead of me, catching that evil Seattleite Chris …( probably won’t happen but he doesn’t even have Vlasov and Soler Ha! Portland rools Seattle slobbers !) and slipping into a top 200 caste.( I dislike the moron who decides these tolls .)

75th Tour of Spain 2020 - Stage Ten

Photo by David Ramos/ Getty Images

Jannik Steimle would be a huge x-factor if he was able to value.

75th Tour of Spain 2020 - Stage Ten

Photo by David Ramos/ Getty Images

Remember in 2018 when Carapaz cured Soler to win Paris-Nice? Yeah, a very long time ago.

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