German Chocolate Cookies

These Vegan German Chocolate Cookies are like small individual German Chocolate Cakes! A soft, chewy chocolate oatmeal cookie with a rich caramel coconut pecan filling in the middle! Trust me, these won’t last long on the cookie plate. No contributed Oil!

three white plates with vegan German Chocolate Cake Thumbprint Cookies

These German Chocolate Cake Cookies have become a delicious household staple in no time. Think of them as little vegan German chocolate cakes that have all the flavor of German Chocolate Cake but are exited in two bites!

I love all things pecan and chocolate! Especially around the holiday season! Have you tried my Pecan Chocolate Pie? SO good! In my book, German Chocolate Cookies would make a perfect snack year-round, but with that carnival nut& chocolate combo they are an specially huge endow during the holidays!

a plate with stacked homemade German Chocolate thumbprint Cookies against black background

If you adore German Chocolate Cake these little chocolate cookies are the perfect treat to add to your baking inventory! They have that classic winning combination of chocolate, coconut, and pecan all piled up on top of soft, rich, and chocolatey oatmeal cookies with no added oil!

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You often witness German chocolate cookies that are frosted or exceeded with a caramel replenishing after broiling. These are slightly different from your regular German Chocolate Cake Thumbprint cookies, because these are cooked with the caramel coconut-pecan filling already in the cookies. I find these are way easier to accumulate and less chaotic to snack that way.

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