Guess Which “Love After Lockup” Lovers Have Graduated To “Life After Lockup”?! [VIDEO]

” Life After Lockup “ exactly keeps coming wilder.

Life After Lockup

Source: Courtesy WeTV/ Courtesy WeTV

The third season of WE tv’s smash hit spinoff sequence “Life After Lockup” is back with 16 all-new episodes premiering on Friday, November 20 at 9pm ET/ 8p m CT.

Will these ex-cons feel incarcerated in their own affairs, or are these marries ready for a life sentence together?

The duos will face plenty of firsts in their brand-new lives together- from brand-new weddings to divorce, new residences to new children, all while living under the challenges of their parole. Possible controls bristle: early curfews, random check-ins, dose evaluations, tour proscriptions, partnering with ex-cons working in partnership with the temptations of alcohol and drugs, the posts “ve never been” higher. Will they stay together and stay out of prison? Check out the supertease below!


Shavel& Quaylon( Olathe, KS)

Shavel goes through Quaylon’s phone and knows something she doesn’t like, and her rage for Quaylon moves him back to his mother. Will Shavel ever get the proposal that she dreams of from Quaylon? And if she does, will their family and friends get on board with the wedlock?

Scott& Lindsey( Olive Branch, MS)

Lindsey has moved into Scott’s place, and they are determined to make this relationship work. Now that they’ve done their quarantining, Mylie Grace has moved in! How will Lindsey handle has become a full go mommy? At the same time, both Scott and Lindsey have found dirt from the past on each other. Can they removed from all of the investigations?

Shawn& Destinie( Las Vegas, NV)

We left Shawn and Destinie involved and living together in Las Vegas, but her law time towers over their own future designs and Destinie has bucked authorizes in the past. Will this duet make it to the altar or will Destinie and Shawn return to visits behind rails?

Amber& Puppy( Douglasville, GA)

When Puppy and Amber’s mom are liberated, they push Amber about her failed attempt to marry Vince. Amber and Puppy seek legal advice about Vince’s adoption scam. What do they have to do in order to reverse the approval and get rid of “Daddy Vince” once and for all?


Marcelino& Brittany( Las Vegas, NV)

Since Brittany and her sister understand better their mother’s theft and relapsed addiction, the government has remained their mom at arms portion. Brittany’s plan to take her family on a trip to Alaska- to face family and her distressing past- causes them on a route that varies their future …

Michael& Sarah( Rochester, NY)

Sarah and Michael vanish battle for incarceration of their two daughters in field. Will Michael fight or agree to Sarah’s request for full incarceration? Will Sarah’s brand-new suitor Malcolm stick around if he discovers Michael is still hanging around, and is Sarah still carrying a flame for Michael?

Lacey& Shane( Virginia Beach, VI)

Lacey and Shane are expecting triplets and Shane has never even modified a diaper! He’s going to have to learn … fast. Will John’s release from incarcerate bungle their new locate merriment?

Andrea& Lamar( Los Angeles, CA)

Lamar volunteers Priscilla to keep a secret from her mom, which goes well until Andrea concludes out. Tennison campaigns the pressure from his mommy to commit to a Mormon mission and Andrea may be losing the debate to keep her family’s Mormon importances strong who lives is Los Angeles.

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