Have You Played… Ori And The Will Of The Wisps?

In the months gush up to the release of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps last year, I was gripped by an mindless panic. I’d cherished Moon Studio’s firstly Ori adventure, Ori And The Blind Forest, with a intense and fiery passion. Even now, I still adoration the bits everyone dislikes, from its ineffectual combat to its abominable boss escape strings. But as report affect that its sequel would be taking a slightly different approach to its Metroid-like structure, preferring branching, roughly Zelda-style hub macrocosms, and ditching its unique save system, I was worried that Will Of The Wisps might end up losing “whats being” concluded Blind Forest such a special game for me. As I said, the panic was irrational, as Will Of The Wisps wasn’t exactly better than Blind Forest; it was probably about as perfect a sequel as I could have perhaps hoped for.

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