Have You Played… Sea Salt?

A screenshot of a little pixel man in Sea Salt, who is unfortunately being pulled to all four corners of the screen by eight tentacles (two for each limb)

Have You Played ? is an endless flow of activity retrospectives. One a period, every day, perhaps for all time.

My mate Greg is one of those people who’s phenomenally gentle and kind-hearted, but has a amazingly harsh flavor in media. He interposed me to a big chunk of the metal bands I listen to, and kindness movies with batch of combats. I remember as boys, we invested an impossibly red-hot summer’s epoch watching Syndicates Of New York, then roaring Daniel Day Lewis quotes at one another through sips of doner kebab afterwards. Utterly cracking bloke.

Anyway, he’s been nudging me for ages to play a game called Sea Salt, and his calmnes has paid off at last, because I had a go at the weekend. So, Greg, “its for” you: Sea Salt is really fun.

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