Here’s What Happened When Nicki Minaj Revealed Her Adorably Chunky Baby Boy


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Mommy Minaj has the internet in a outburst over her charming baby boy who racked up oodles of centre gazes within his first few minutes on the internet.

The ” Megatron ” rapper shared the first full photos of her baby son who she announces “Papa Bear” in a sincere announce that softened social media

“# PapaBear expressed appreciation for so very much for choosing me to be your mummy ,” Nicki captioned in the pole.” Wishing you guys a glad& prospering New Year. Thank you for your passion& supporter throughout this travel. It’s wanted so much to me. Becoming a mummy is by far the most fulfilling job I’ve ever taken on .”

In the photos, Papa Bear’s seen wearing a variety of jiggy outfits including a Fendi onesie complete with parallel socks and a Papa Bear order, and a Burberry two-piece with an frosted out bracelet.

His fashionable admittance into world-wide comes a few years after Nicki said she required a” cute flab baby” during an illusion on “Ellen.”

The baby crazy mama too demo love to fellow mamas who were pregnant during the course of its pandemic.

” Sending have liked to all the superhero babies out there. Big hugs to all the women who have been pregnant during this challenging time .”

Prior to divulging her newborn son, Nicki shared a picture of his foot in October and recently maintained it real about agonizing breastfeeding and pumping.

” He had no problem breastfeeding ,” she told a love on Twitter.” He latched on in the hospital which was very surprising to me. I was afraid maybe he wouldn’t. But breastfeeding is very painful. Pumping is too. Women make this stuff look way too easy. Moms r really superheroes .”

What do you think Nicki worded “Papa Bear?” A regular or personality list like’ Emperor’ or’ Chozen ?’ Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Papa Bear on the flip.

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