How to Collect Pre-Raphaelites | Christie’s

They started out as a secret society. So secret that, when they signed their depicts’ P.R.B.’, a hearsay spread that those initials stands for’ Please Ring the Bell’. They actually stood for the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: a group of seven masters who supported their first engagement in 1848 and wouldn’t remain in the shadows for long.

Join Sarah Reynolds, Specialist and Head of Sale, British Art for a Pre-Raphaelite Collecting Guide.

‘Pre-Raphaelite prowes is all about truth and charm and if you are looking to start a collecting, falling in love with a illustration is the best place to start’ records Reynolds in the short-lived video above.

‘Whilst the Brotherhood’s work is often in museums, the work of the second and third generation is often much more accessible and affordable’ interprets Reynolds.

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