How to get bigger lips in just 5 mins | Mamtha Nair

Hi people welcome back to my direct. Today I am here to share with you all on how you can get bigger lips in time 5 mins without any lip infusions or any pain. The best thing is that you need only 2 parts for this which is pure coconut oil and cinnamon gunpowder. Likewise take a clean container to mingle and collect the combination. So now let me show you guys how to prepare this beautiful lip enhancer. Take the drain receptacle and load it with 1 teaspoon coconut oil and compute 1 teaspoon cinnamon gunpowder as well. My coconut oil is in solid form as its winter now. But that all right it will defrost when I desegregate it with the cinnamon gunpowder. So mix both the ingredients are you all right to get a smooth paste. So now let me show you guys how to apply this. First what you need to do is take a toothbrush and start exfoliating your cheeks. Just start covering your cheeks for about 1 to 2 mins. This helps to remove the dead skin from the cheeks and will likewise add blood spring to the cheeks. This itself will further strengthen your cheeks and originate your cheeks bigger. You has been noted that my lips have already become large-hearted. But I am not going to stop there. Tells go ahead and apply the cinnamon adhesive employing a twig or a q-tip. Just apply the combination like you normally apply a lipstick or a lip ointment. You time need to keep this combine on your lips for around 5 to 10 mins. The plumping impact happens within this time frame. Please don’t keep this smorgasbord for longer than 10 mins. You might feel a little bit of tingling awarenes which is absolutely regular and which necessitates its working. Cinnamon increases the blood flood to your lips attaining it plum. So after 5 to 10 mins simply wipe it off consuming a procreating removing erase or you can just wash it off with regular irrigate and too make sure to gently exfoliate while removing it. Now you can see that my lips have almost double-dealing in width. Wow I am cherishing this. This will make your lips softer and smoother. This gist will roughly last-place for around 5 hrs. and likewise don’t 4get to moisturize your lips consuming a lip cream.
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