Inside Alessandro Cipriani’s Camera Bag – Bag No. 185

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Inside Alessandro Cipriani’s Camera bag!( Bag No1 85)

” Hi, Folks!

I’m Alessandro Cipriani, an amateur photographer. I desire the road and all the possibilities that SHE wall street( yes, because it is a sentient and living entity, a concrete entity) gives people. The TIME. Stop him and contemplate him, that face, the free movement of persons of the handwritings, demise; the power to block death, almost a divine being. After discovering analog photography in its practical surface( progress and reproducing) and spending a few years with the Leica M7, I understood matters the perfect structure with which I would have been pleasant was the Leica M system, I decided to sell a large part of my digital gear and buy a Leica M9, a sluggish camera with numerous weak points but which have reflected my photographic philosophy. Contents :”

Inside Alessandro Cipriani's camera bag - Bag No.185Inside Alessandro Cipriani’s camera luggage- Bag No. 185 Contents 😀 omke F-5XBLeica M9 with Summarit-M 35 mm F/ 2.5 Leica M7 with Summicron-M 50 F/ 2Flash Leica SF-2 02 xbatteryKODAK 400 TX filmClosing quote:

“ \ m/ ”

Link( s ): Flickr: https :// www.flickr.com/ photos/ 12352155 3 @N02 /Instagram: https :// www.instagram.com/ alessandro_cipriani_ /Blog: http :// alessandrocipriani.blog Rules of participation

Each person that refers the contents of his luggage will likewise be allowed 150 utterances to describe her/ himself to the rest of the StreetHunters.net Readers via the www.streethunters.net website sheets! We will even earmark one tie, back to your website! It will be loads of entertaining! Why? Well, because we will start to get to know each other through these small-minded 150 utterance descriptions and of course through the contents of each one’s containers! Now, when we say Camera Bag, it doesn’t “re going to have to” literally be a bag. It could be a pouch, a knapsack, pockets of a jacket, whatever. All we need is the list of all the contents and a picture of those materials on a wooden or carpeted( preferably) floor from above. What must be included in the email you send us? Here is the list of things you need to provide us with in order to have a valid entering 😛 TAGEND1 50 -word description of yourself and your Street Photography caprices, practices, tips-off, whatever. 150 texts MAX.Photo of the contents of your bag and your luggage next to those materials on a floor-shot, taken away from 90 degrees above. High aspect, big-hearted size.List of items included in your camera bag.Link to your website OR blog OR Facebook page OR Instagram OR whatever.A closing remark 20 names MAX. You can say for example something like Thank for letting me share the contents of my suitcase , now stop looking into my privates and go take some photos!

We thank you in advance for your participation and we are really looking forward to finding out what YOU are hiding in your camera handbags! Send everything in at streethunters.net @gmail. com ! Stay Sharp& Keep Shooting!

About” What’s in your camera bag Street Hunter !”

In June 2014 we started sharing the contents of the Camera Bag of one of you, one of our formidable StreetHunters.net Books every week! All personas and text in these berths are written by the Readers presenting their camera bags.

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