Interview: Adam Davies, Alex Plapinger & Dylan Dawson talk SYFY’S apocalyptic WILD LIFE!

The Beat was on hand to chat with Creator& Executive Producer Adam Davies( The Itching ), and Executive Producers Alex Plapinger( Two Pink Doors)& Dylan Dawson( Black Death) about their upcoming inspired streaks, Wild Life.

A part of SYFY’s late-night animated block, TZGZ, Wild Life midsts a zoo of swine run wild during the apocalypse. Voiced by some iconic performers, the show is absurdly funny in all the right ways! At the heart of it are animals navigating friendships and zombies with nowhere to go and no one to answer to, but spates mischief to be had.

Watch our super fun chat with Adam Davies, Alex Plapinger, and Dylan Dawson about what it’s like to develop an cataclysmic serial amid 2020′ s ambiguities, which characters they relate to the most, and what they want fans to take away from this project.

Airing as part of SYFY’s late-night adult animation block TZGZ, WILD LIFE is a comedy about a syndicate of zoo animal friends hanging out after the holocaust. There’s the pacifist cheetah Glenn( John Reynolds ), bubbly dolphin Marny( Claudia O’Doherty ), hyper fox Hudson( Baron Vaughn ), psychedelic koala Darby( Reggie Watts ), self-care friendship panda Debbie( SkittLeZ Ortiz) and vigour drink-guzzling sloth Viv( Natalie Palamides ). Together, they come up with elaborate schemes to entertain themselves and exactly keep from going insane. From making expeditions to a mutant-infested mall for scarf decorates to stumbling upon an aged broadcast studio and creating their own depicts, these critters are always up to something.

Check out Wild Life when it premieres on September 26 th, exclusively on SYFY!

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