Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: Ringo Awards Voting Deadline is today, Lucifer’s triumph and more


SS Nice art: You may not be in the mood for unfortunate pandemic comics, but Emily Flake’s We Can No Longer Pretend We’re Not Free-Falling is wonderful and moving it must be read.


SS If you’re in the mood for more discipline based despair, Katy Doughty’s We Might Not Ever Know the True Toll of COVID-1 9 should do the job.


SS Rosemary Valero-O’Connell became a household name thanks to her artwork on Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me, but she has a brand-new volume of her own comics out, Don’t Go Without Me from ShortBox and you can buy it in engrave or digitally.

Two suitors get separated on a night out in a latitude magnitude. A send that runs on reminiscences glitches in the dead of seat. A giant prophesied to wake from its centuries-long slumber beneath the sea. A stunning triptych collection of stories on beloved, loss, longing, and connect, from rising comics celebrity, Rosemary Valero O-Connell. Includes the Eisner-nominated’ What is Left .’ The digital publication of this record is found in our Gumroad https :// gum.co/ bYcRm 124 pp, colour, perfect-bound with gold embossed encompas and french flaps.

Can’t wait to read this!

SS The Creators for Creators grant winner was announced yesterday- the website gives me a terrifying web informing, but this tweet has the deets on skelehime/ Nicolette Bocalan’s winning 😛 TAGEND

Congratulations to the 2020 Creators for Creators Grant recipient Nicolette Bocalan( also known as skelehime) for THE ACORN. Read more about her programme at https :// t.co/ 9t1EeJFXPv and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @skelehime pic.twitter.com/ YRz2VV 2kKY

— CreatorsforCreators (@ Creators4C) September 22, 2020

Bocalan received $30,00 to finish her bible The Acorn and it gazes impressive.

SS Today is the deadline to vote for the winners of the Ringo Awards- The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards. Voting is open to comics professionals only – sorry!

Pro and Fan Comic Book Awards came to see you” America’s Greatest Comic Book Convention” and YOU GET A VOTE! The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards is an annual occasion of the talent, talent and entertaining of comics. The nomination ballot are defined by fans and pros alike. 2020 Nominations have been announced and comics professionals may elect at the link below!

Winners will be announced at the online Baltimore Comic Con on Saturday, October 24, 2020.


SS Sloane Leong’s A Map to the Sun is one of the illustrious diaries of its first year, and here’s Tom Shapira’s review for Solrad :

The narration is mostly( though not wholly) concentrating on the friendship between teens Ren and Luna; they became best friends in record time merely to have it all disappear once Luna’s family move. Years afterwards, Luna returns and insists on inserting herself into Ren’s( far more complex) life, even joining the school’s newly formed female basketball team. From the get-go, this graphic fiction renders dreams of thumping colours creating an overexposed macrocosm watched through the hazes of a burning sunshine. As Ren performances basketball alone in the opening scene, her flesh is stark against the bright background. The other booster, Luna, dives as she tries to surf, the basketball giving way to flowing ocean as pinkish tones intermingle with the scarlet and yellow.


SS D& Q has announced brand-new publications of three bibles by John Porcellino for 2021 :

In January 2021, D+ Q is reissuing three names from John Porcellino’s backlist with new considers- King-Cat Classix( now for the first time in paperback ), Map of My Heart, and Perfect Example. They are, as the New York Times has observed of John’s work, both “unvarnished” and “punk” but also much more than that. The summing-up of each John P comic is more than its parts. Whether he’s remembering a teenaged crush or a walk through a realm or a cherished roadtrip or a cat’s high-jinks, he contains each moment up to the light with equal tenderness and care.

If you’re not familiar with Porcellino’s poetic minimalism, well there’s still occasion!

SS Now to the links. Jessica Plummer does some gender crunching on DC’s celebratory collections, and discovers that DC Comics Still Has a Gender Problem :

It’s too worth noting that many of the narrations in the anniversary editions were written or outlined by creators with a record with the character in question, which is charming. However, it further foreground the historic( and not so historic) need of women on these works. In the Robin issue, the only story not written by someone strongly associated with its supporter is the Stephanie Brown story, which was written by Amy Wolfram. While I’m happy to see the female Robin get a female writer, it’s striking that she’s never had one before.( But if we’re going to talk about the sexism Steph has been subjected to over the years, we’ll is in there all day .)

SS It was supposed to be a big year for Bloodshot but things didn’t quite used to work as meant. Tim Seeley explains how his final’ Bloodshot’ arc ties in to the film.

Now Valiant is finally bringing the big screen supporting cast of KT and Wigans into the present-day continuity of the comics in Bloodshot #10, placed for secrete on January 13, 2021. The issue will also be the first installment in the final narrative arc for Seeley, with artwork by Brett Booth and Pedro Andreo.” What doesn’t work is that we couldn’t control that the movie came out on the first weekend of lockdown ,” Seeley told SYFY WIRE.” It’s part of history! It’s crazy because it screwed up everything, but also pressured us to do a reset and so I’m glad that the books attach with us, because they get it and understood, but us reaching out to this filmgoing audience is so disbanded. Something you could have never foresaw .”

SS MICE 2020 has vanished virtual, like all converges, and they’ve announced a monthlong board lineup 😛 TAGEND

During the month of October, MICE is hosting multiple live online programs with committees discussions, live pull activities, cartooning shops and professional development webinars for comic builders. Join us for the Month of MICE: 4 weeks of comic-related virtual programme streaming live on Crowdcast! All sessions compel registration but are free and open to the public. Visit our Attendee Guide to find out how to take up our virtual reveal and support the creators involved in our happens. Week One: October 3- October 9

SS Newsarama has jump-start on the investigatory Kickstarter bandwagon and wonders Should major publishers& makes be crowdfunding comics alongside independent and DIY developers?

For some, having installed publishers and developers begin crowdfunding projects may seem like the old guard horning in on territory for the next generation. But for others, it’s a new dissemination modeling- similar to the widespread adoption to the Direct Market, and later digital comics- whose meter has come. One of the most recent crowdfunding projects by a major establishment has been Boom! Studios’ BRZRKR series – you are well aware, the comic co-written( and kind of starring) Keanu Reeves. For Boom! co-founder/ publisher Ross Richie, it’s not about funding development projects instantly, but more about reaching a brand-new public, or an existing audience looking for a new way to buy these comic book.” Kickstarter offers a’ located and forget’ single-click solution where devotees who have never been to a comic store or never read a graphic fiction can pre-order this trilogy of graphic tales and have it extradited directly to their door ,” Richie tells Newsarama.

Frankly, I think this is a consumer decision. Kickstarter is not a zero part game.

SS We’re big-hearted supporters of Blerdgirl, aka Karama Horne, here at the vanquish and here’s a lovely profile that looks at her descents and the tough times she overcame:

“Not merely did I lose my father to a series of strokes that time, ” Horne explains, “but I almost lost my house, I was going through a divorce, and then I had a stroke. At the end of 2013, I actually was in Philly working on a freelance editing undertaking. It turned out, I’m anemic. I get dizzy on a regular basis. I didn’t realize that some of those dizzy incantations have effectively mini apoplexies. Black dames — we stay trying to work through it all, and I was going through a lot that year.” Horne had to go to rehab because the left side of their own bodies closed down. She had to learn how to walk without a totter, how to use her left hand properly, and once again needed to escape the rigours of life. As a lane to pass the time, she propelled theblerdgurl as a tumblr sheet. “I stopped having conversations with my friends about comics and about geekdom, ” says Horne, “and a lot of people were talking about diversity and how there are no people of color in comics and I was always like,’ But the report contains. I really don’t know them.’ I guess I obliged that decision to launch my tumblr in the hospital. I had friends “thats been” casting me comic book. And I said that if I get out of this, I’m going to lean into this more and start working on stuff that offsets me happy–and perhap try and help some people while I’m at it. And years later, it paid off. I did go back to editing, but I started theblerdgurl as a full-on blog on the side.”


SS From last week: streaming ratings are a doubtful thing, but it has been ordinance that ‘Lucifer’, of all things, was the top display on Netflixfor an undefined period.

Lucifer, which was canceled by Fox two years ago and then given a second life by Netflix, has come out on top of Nielsen’s recent streaming ranks. The show outdid Nickelodeon enlivened series The Legend of Korra, which brooks on Netflix, entering just reticent of 1.6 billion instants of viewing in the U.S. from August 17 -2 3. As has been the case since Nielsen debuted the streaming positions last-place month, all 10 top claims are on Netflix. Disney+ and Hulu have been added to the consideration named as of the coming week. Amazon programming is also moved by Nielsen, which measures only the U.S. and therefore can’t definitively determine conduct across world-wide platforms.

Lucifer also prevailed over reruns of The Office, according to Nielsen, a rightfully mighty accomplishment. I have some non-comics loving cronies who adore Lucifer, so it has a lot of appeal- or maybe it’s just that hunky Tom Ellis.

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