“Life After Lockup” Exclusive: Andrea Comes Face To Face With Lamar’s Daughter Shante [VIDEO]

Is Andreaever going to accept ALL that comes with “ve been with” Lamar?

Love After Lockup Andrea and Lamar

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That’s definitely the issues to we’ve got in psyche thoughts into the new occurrence of ” Life After Lockup .” We’re super evoked that our favorite guilty gratification show is airing a new incident tomorrow. We’ve got an exclusive time for your viewing pleasure now! In the excerpt Andrea ultimately comes face to face with Lamar’s daughter Shante, who described in the hurt she felt growing up without her parent exclusively to have him come out of jail to help raise someone else’s minors. It’s kind of a neat alter of speed to see Andrea on the defensive for once! Shante goes on to say that while her relationship with Lamar hasn’t been the best, she’s hopeful for her kids to have a better knowledge with Lamar and Andrea as grandparents.

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Are we ready to see Andrea as a grandmother? Maybe it will give her a sense of purpose?

Here’s what else to expect from this bout 😛 TAGEND

John’s shocking discovery about Lacey. Andrea faces Lamar’s daughter; Kristianna’s large-hearted word mutates everything. Scott unveils the truth about Lindsey. Brittany’s mom breaks down. Quaylon’s bold move dazes Shavel.

WOW. We’re offended that John can still be offended about anything about Lacey at this quality. What do you think Quaylon’s about to do? We’re roused about this one.

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP “Good News, Bad News”- Premieres Friday, January 29 at 9:00 pm ET on WeTV

Will you be watching? We know we will!

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