Michelle Obama Goes In On Donald Trump For Refusing To Concede–“This Is Not A Game”

Michelle Obama is the definition of a class act, but still, she couldn’t resist writing a lengthy Instagram post to apply Donald Trump in his home following all of his recent antics.

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In a affix shared on Monday, Michelle called upon the country to honor the 2020 election results and” foster a smooth change of dominance .” Even though Donald Trump finally declared, recently, that Joe Biden won the election, he only did so with the caveat that it was ” rigged .” In her pole, Obama instantly addressed the Cheeto-In-Chief’s refusal to admit defeat and concede, too showing on where she was four years ago when Hillary Clinton lost the election.

” This week, I’ve been wondering a lot on where I was four years earlier. Hillary Clinton had just been dealt a hard loss by a far closer boundary than the one we’ve seen this year. I was hurt and disappointed–but the votes had been counted and Donald Trump had acquired ,” she wrote.” The American beings had spoken. And one of the great responsibilities of the presidency is to listen when they do .”

Our forever First Lady went on to explain that assistance that modulation of ability wasn’t easy for her, specially because Trump had infamously spread racist and despicable lies about her husband.

” I have to be honest and say that none of this was easy for me ,” she continued.” Donald Trump had spread prejudiced lies about my husband that had leant my family in danger. That wasn’t something I wanted to forgive. But I knew that, for the sake of our country, I had to find the backbone and maturity to situate my exasperation aside. So I welcomed Melania Trump into the White House and talked with her about my own experience, rebutting every question she had–from the intense inquiry that comes with being First Lady to what it’s like to raise boys in the White House. I knew in my feeling it was the right thing to do–because our republic is so much bigger than anybody’s ego .”

Michelle concluded her post by stressing the importance of ensuring that maintaining Trump accountable, while countless Republicans repetition his sensibilities that this whole process was rigged, stalling the entire process.

” Our affection of country requires us to respect the results of an election even when we don’t like them or care it had gone differently–the presidency doesn’t belong to any one individual or any one party. To suppose that it does, to play along with these groundless scheme theories–whether for personal or political gain–is to frame our country’s health and security in danger ,” she wrote.” This isn’t a game. So I want to recommend all Americans, extremely our nation’s leads, regardless of party, to reputation the electoral process and do your portion to encourage a smooth change of influence, just as sitting directors have done throughout our history .”

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