Mobile Ads Garage: Episode 15 – Mediation adapters

A brand-new escapade of The Mobile Ads Garage has hit YouTube! If you haven’t seen it before, The Mobile Ads Garage is a video tutorial series that plows how to use the Mobile Ads SDK to display ads from AdMob and Doubleclick for Publishers. Each escapade encompasses one phase of the SDK, breaks down the feature, and presents screencasts of real implementations on both Android and iOS- all in a friendly format.

After hearing from publishers that you’d like a smoother course to integrating intervention, AdMob has worked with a cluster of network partners to open the source for their arbitration adapters. For those of you unfamiliar with the our mediation platform, mediation adapters accept the Mobile Ads SDK to interface with third-party ad SDKs to deliver third-party ads on your behalf.

Open source mediation adapters “ve got a few” key helps. First, there are now two repositories on GitHub with adapter informant that publishers can refer to for a look at the inner making of the adapters themselves. Second, it allows AdMob to take those adapters up to bintray, where they can be targeted with jCenter containers and CocoaPods. That means that instead of hunting down individual JAR data, publishers can simply include a line to their podfile or build.gradle, and get the adapter they need!

Included in this video is a breakdown of the brand-new assets, as well as screencasts of Android Studio and Xcode that show how to import adapters for several networks.

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We’d love to hear which AdMob features you’d like to learn more about. The observe divisions for the videos are open, and you’re welcome to share ideas for new episodes and patterns you’d like to see. If you have a technical question relating to something discussed in one of the escapades, you can bring it to our support forum.

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Posted by: Ram Parameswaran, Mobile Ads Developer Relations

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