Money and Society: IELTS Speaking Practice Test 04

Speaking Part 1 1 How important is coin to you?

Money is something which gives you happiness and sorrow extremely. Yes, money is really important to get a good and healthy lifestyle. This is indeed a reality that you can’t do anything without money.

2 Would you like to become rich eventually?

No. But I actually want to earn fairly fund to complete my basic inevitabilities. Because having excess money can also ruin your life. After earning a lot we get a negative attitude and we start treating the people in a very harsh manner.

3 Do you think it is ok to lend money to friends or own family members?

If it is really for a very good cause, I Don’t have any issues in lending money.But in my point of view borrowing is a very big deal and very much hazardous too

Speaking Part 2

Here is an audio of the test asks are highlighted below. Please listen to it for more clarity on the Speaking Test.