Morning motivation video: new 2020 for more mindful, loving communication in relationships

Morning motivation video: brand-new 2020 for more attentive, affection communication in relationships is brought to you by tactical communication knowledge expert Dan O’Connor, and is based on The 9 Principles audio program from Dan O’Connor Training. #morningmotivation #motivationalvideo #motivation

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1:04 How do I know when to battle it out?
2:44 What is the lesson?
3:28 To recognize
4:13 Showing you who I am& what I’m made of
4:48 What’s going on here?
5:12 Don’t made happenings get in the way of the truth
6:51 It’s all an illusion
7:16 Love will keep us together
8:19 If it’s genuine on any level
9:12 It is not possible to neutrality in the universe
10:11 If it’s true-blue anywhere
10:25 Transference
11:42 Cause and Effect
12:14 Cycle repetition cycle
13:10 This is getting to me
14:08 How do you adjudicate success?
14:41 The trinity
17:46 The Law
19:00 I am either converting or conforming
20:30 This thing is about turning points
21:05 The miracle worker
22:43 What does this moment in time “ve been meaning to” me?
23:08 Seeing things in the dark
24:12 You can’t rise above it
25:14 In the moment between happen and response

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