Our Girl Found Love! Watch The Precious Proposal That Officially Made Tayshia Adams A Taken Woman [Video]

After a whirlwind of a season, our daughter Tayshia is not longer a bachelorette.


Source: Craig Sjodin/ Getty

On Tuesday, December 22, the finale of The Bachelorette eventually divulged the fate of fan favorite Tayshia Adams and her tour to find love.

In the final few occurrences of the show, Adams suffered a lot of drama as one of her front runners this season, Brendan, self-eliminated after going on a time that explored the idea of getting engaged. Following that bombshell, the three men she eliminated the week prior, Ben, evidenced up and testified his love for Tayshia, which objective up stimulating even more confusion.

While numerous followers were rooting for America’s sweetheart, Ivan, a difference in religion is what ultimately terminated up justification their relationship’s demise, with Tayshia putting a big emphasis on her future spouse being just as devoted to their faith as she is.

That only left one mortal, Zac Clark, in the running for Adams’ heart-and for anyone watching this indicate the whole time, their evident chemistry throughout the series obliged her selection pretty obvious. Especially after they exchanged” I love you’s” channel before the final episode.

Zac’s proposal to Tayshia was one of the most heartfelt and genuine flaunts of desire in recent seasons of The Bachelorette, with both parties spewing their mettles out and almost completely forgetting about the ring. After some crying and then, some dancing, the pair went off into a fake taxi that says,” Just Engaged ,” a tribute to Zac’s New York City beginnings and another date they went on earlier this season.

Someone’s trimming onions in here….see the supernatural for yourself down below.

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