Following their 200 th anniversary performance, James and Joe present the after-party! They are joined by Michael Cera, also known for his roles in’ Scott Pilgrim vs the World’,’ Superbad’ and’ Arrested Development’. Subscribe here to our path: http :// psta.rs/ SubscribetoPS

Following their 200 th anniversary revelry, James and Joe present the after-party! And, having simply spoken to the writer/ chairman of’ Molly’s Game’, they now get to interview one of the stars of the movie, Michael Cera, also known for his characters in’ Scott Pilgrim vs the World’,’ Superbad’ and’ Arrested Development’. Michael is a huge poker fan, and uncovers he relished the opportunity to portray Player X in Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Molly Bloom’s book. He’s also a regular in one of Joe’s home plays, and, on that subject, Mr Stapleton shares some paw biographies from a recent tournament( spoiler alert: one or more of them MAY be a thinly-veiled bad pulsate narrative ). Meanwhile, Michael Hughes from Calgary participates for a SundayMillion ticket and a #PokerInTheEars T-shirt in a’ Heathers’-themed edition of’ Superfan vs Stapes’. Please don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe.


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