Pro bike: Greg van Avermaet’s Team AG2R Citroën BMC SLR01

Pro bike: Greg van Avermaet’s Team AG2R Citroen BMC SLR0 1

This year you very well may have caught a few cases videos where I’ve Zoomed( is that a verb ?) pro riders and chitchatted to them about their bikes, or at least the one that they have in their garage at home, the setup they go day in day out when rehearsal. It’s been merriment, a little challenging, and insightful at times. The biggest takeaway seems to be that saddlebags can be pro, mid-priced motors are the goto for most when at home and having to fend for themselves, disc restraint bleeding has been a lesson for some during the lockdown, and some professionals don’t know how to handle their camera phone too well.

All the previous My Bike videos were done via zoom because of, well, you know why! But with things coming a little easier here in France and the AG2R Citreon training camp for the Tour being held time down the road from where I live, I managed to sit down IRL with a professional cyclists , no screen , no dodgy wifi alliance, only face to face, with a cover-up on obviously.

BMC and Campaagnolo , not a combining we’re used to.

That rider was AG2R’ s brand-new sign for this season, Greg Van Avermaet. Moving over to AG2R has reunited Greg with BMC. As I’d find out, the motorcycle would be one of the factors that swayed Van Avermaet when on the market for a brand-new squad at the end of last season. Quite a statement for the brand.

Greg’s select of bike for most hastens, and the one he was using while at camp, is the BMC Teammachine SLR0 1 in a extremely retrieving grey and gold lively, a paint intrigue I’m sure he’ll be hoping he doesn’t have to change come the evening of July 24 th once the Men’s Olympic road race wraps up.

What is new for Greg this year, or more accurately another reunion for Greg, is that of the groupset he’s using, Campagnolo. Back in 2007, in his Predictor-Lotto daytimes as a youth neo-pro, his first professional published bikes were decked out with Campagnolo Record 10 velocity. For 2021, it’s back to Italian engineered transfer, in such cases, Super Record EPS 12 speed( we’ve come a long way since 2007, haven’t we ). Disc brakes are obviously de rigor now for a majority of the members of the peloton( we’re looking at you Ineos ). But is Greg happy to be back on it? Well for that react, I’m going to force you to watch the video, all I’ll say is it’s not quite a” Froome disc restraint re-examine moment” but still an honest answer to the question of if he likes returning to what could be classed as the underdog of the” the large-hearted three “!

Wheels are also from Campagnolo, in this case, the most lush appearing Bora Ultra 35 wrapped in Pirelli tubulars; now, there’s something you won’t find in the company’s catalogue. We have it on good authority that Pirelli tires for the time being at least are being produced by french manufacturer Hutchinson.

It’s safe to say that AG2R Citroen has had a big shakeup with the equipment patron for this season. Pretty much everything has changed. BMC formulates supersede Eddy Merckx, a full Campagnolo groupset instead of the Shimano/ Rotor/ KMC mix and parallel set up of 2020, Mavic make way for Campagnolo, and Pirelli thrusts out Vredestein. The only returning equipment patronizes are Fizik for the team’s perches and Look for the pedals.

So to find out what Greg belief of his new setup, and for the more critical question, does he considers saddlebags are pro, thumped that participate button.

Clean and tidy after a immediate spruce up by the team mechanic.It’s been a log time since GVA applied Campagnolo, back in his Lotto daylights as a neo-pro he applied the italian’s 10 speeding Record offereing. Now it’s 12 and EPS.Will GVA need a repaint once the Olympics road race is over at the end of July? The bikes review even better glistining in the morning Alpine sunshie.

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