Ryan Henry Promises To Properly Address Entanglement Scandal After Backlash

Black Ink Crew Chicago

Source: Bernard Smalls/ @PhotosByBeanz

Ryan Henryisn’t feeling the negative backlash he’s received subsequent to his ex-BFF detonated him for reportedly betraying him. Last-place week, Anthony Lindsey uncovered Ryan for supposedly sleeping with his babe mummy in secret while he combated with cancer. Love were disgusted by the allegations and now the Black Ink Chicago star plans to address this properly sometime today.

Last night, the single parent announced this to his IG feed 😛 TAGEND

” There is a whole lot ot be said so I will speak on it tomorrow. Living in a social world where your life and brands are adjudicate on what you do, me continuing to live life and not give supporters my line-up of things has seemed to appear non-remorseful. So I will give y’all the updated conclusion ..”

Ryan seems to be worried about the people who support him coming purity, computing” abide or move, see ya tomorrow .”

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Stay or become, see ya tomorrow. Much affection

A post shared by Ryan Henry (@ ryanhenrytattoo) on Oct 15, 2020 at 8: 47 pm PDT

So far , no word from Ryan. However, the wizard does like to address things late at night on his IG Livestream. He recently seemed to confirmed the rumor while on live saying to devotees ;P TAGEND

“This ni ** a offsetting himself gaze worse? Worse to who? Y’all don’t like me anyway…they say he acquiring himself inspect worse. Worse to what? Y’all don’t like me regardless! What you want? You know I’m surely over with, you know what I’m saying? Y’all don’t even know what’s real behind that narration .”

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