Search Intent and the SERPs: How to Leverage the Search Results to Create a Better Strategy

Understanding the intent of beings searching for your products and services online is critical to creating an SEO strategy that will drive results. In this video, I’ll share how you can use the search results to understand user intent and the types of content and rich features you can target.

Video Transcript:

To say that SEO has gone through a few varies over the past few years would be a gross understatement. So much has changed in the world of search engine optimization and the things you need to do to attract the right consumers via the organic search results has also altered as well.

Today, we’re going to be looking at how message toy a role in adjusting how the SERPs look and the types of content strategies that you need to employ to make sure you attract the title consumers to your website.

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All right, let’s get into the impact of search intent on SERPs. The best acces to look at this and approach this is to use the search results themselves. We have a number of implements available to us as SEOs and as purveyors, but sometimes there’s no better tool or no better research than looking at the search results with our own eyes.

We’re going to take a couple of pilgrimages here as a customer might take when they’re looking for a product. Content marketing is a broad term that includes the images and texts you appoint to promote your services and products. Let’s say I’m looking for a CRM and I don’t really know much about it. Where would I start? You know, perhaps this broad-spectrum period now at the top.

As you can see, if you’re targeting this term, there’s a couple of things going on. We’ve got the ad pack at the top, pretty vast ad backpack. And then we’ve got over here, the learning graph. This is pulling information from Wikipedia. As an SEO though, this is ripe with a ton of awesome information that we can use to look at these high level queries and some of the other information people might be interested in.

So we assure some likeness here. There’s more than exactly one idol. There’s quite a few, and we can do deeper image search. We’ve got client rapport management, this entity, as well as the link to the Wikipedia page. We also see how it applies to marketing, so not just sales, but commerce. The expenditures, the policy of using them. Somebody might need a CRM manager as administrator.

You can see here right here from the dropdown, I’ve got four sub-targets that I can look at when it comes to CRM or some issues that my useds may be asking. I too assure a ton of different fellowships that are accessible to me, and again, people also sought for: quantity chain management, market, business ability, human resources management. Just the knowledge committee alone on this inquiry is telling me a ton about CRM software and facilitate me look a little bit deeper.

Right now, I is a well-known fact that I can start to target these when it is necessary to a search strategy, made to ensure that my business might be able to show up here. One thing I see here on the first enumerate is an FAQ rich facet. Now there are new conventions around it. Google is only going to go to show two of these per lean, but as “youre seeing”, G2 Crowd has the one now and here’s some of the issues they’ve listed here. So if I can get into this listing, I can start to optimize it and maybe employed it in FAQ.

I likewise see the people also ask for, so here’s other material that we can create around it. As we go down the sheet, we investigate another FAQ here by TrustRadius. And oh, look at this. We’ve got three on this page. Google’s going a little deeper now when it comes to this very broad search.

The intent of the user here, they’re getting some information. They’re just teach. They’re not going very deep. It’s high level. If I’m targeting this period from these levels, I can start to get some projects now from the SERP. I’ve got a knowledge panel I can target. I’ve got FAQs. I’ve got content questions that I can use to take them from this inquiry into the next one.

As a consumer, let’s say I’m searching for CRM software. I don’t get what I require, so I want to go a little bit deeper. My next query might be, what is the best CRM software? As you can see here, Google is going to undoubtedly do some auto complete and give me some suggestions. Small business, free, sales, open informant, but let’s say I’m still not absolutely convinced those. I only want to stay broad.

As you can see here, things have changed completely. We’ve got the top four ad multitude, but now we also have these new ads over here, which gives us the price of that implement right in and of itself. Mint of Microsoft Dynamics, as you can see.

Now, this is the firstly registering. The best CRM software for 2020. It’s kind of immersed. It’s really hard to really distinguish that this is the first organic leaning, but it is. As we go down, we can see the people likewise ask for. Again, we’ve got the FAQ recognizes that we can target as well.

We can also begin to look at some of the deed tags and things that our entrants are going after as well. And again, there continues to accompany possibilities here with FAQ and down now, the person or persons likewise search for box. Again, this is going to give us some information.

Now, let’s say I’m a consumer, and I still don’t witnes what I crave here. As a marketer, I know I can start to target some of the different things. Let’s say I sell or resell Microsoft Dynamics. I can use that, but what the user wants to know is how do I choose one? Because now I meet there’s so many different options.

How do I select a CRM software? Once again, the listings and the search results have changed. I no longer have the panel over here. I don’t have the acquaintance casket. I don’t have an ad casket. Now this is more of an informational query. The two before, CRM software is somewhat broad, but it could be product driven. The last one, what is the best is very product driven. So we started to see a little more product information. Now I’m looking for something more informative. I’m looking for how do I offset the freedom decision?

Here the search results are very different. We insure a directory berth here at the top. We recognize some other leanings here. It’s much easier to see the organic arises. This might be a period that might be a little easier for me to come in, but as you can see a lot of the content is very similar. We’re not seeing any FAQs. We’re not ascertain any scrutinize. We’ve got some people too ask for. This is way more informational driven, and we’re not having as numerous opportunities here in the search results.

Let’s go to the next step. Let’s say we’ve chosen, but now we want to understand how to use it or how a CRM succeeds. Let’s type in CRM tutorial. Once again, the search results reform drastically. In this case, we’ve got the video decisions here. We have a video carousel right at the top.

If you’re targeting CRM, selling a CRM, moving a consumer from a answer they have now, or they don’t have a CRM into using one, video is something that Google most values, and it seems like something that the users and the intent to the user most evaluates. Video would be obviously something we would target here.

That’s the first lean we ensure. And then “were having” this tutorial with the Microsoft Dynamics. Buried in between, the people too ask, and then right here, we’ve got some organic itemizes. We too have the likenes carousel, which we can target. Now we’ve seen the different types of CRMs that we can target as Google is pulling out these different entities. One of them being YouTube, which means that parties commonly look for video when it comes to tutorials in the CRM space.

If this is something that you’re doing or something that you’re marketing, you can see there’s tons of different openings really by changing the inquiry and changing the intent. The planned here is informational, educational repel, where people want to see how something is done. When you’re looking at each of your queries through the move, you need to make sure that you understand which alternatives are available in the search results for you.

Let’s say we’re not in the software business. Let’s say we’re working with somebody else. Does this still apply? It does. Let’s start with something simple, like a regional business, and a bakery. Immediately when I type in the expression bakery, Google am assuming that I want to find a bakery near me. It’s going to start to draw where some bakeries near me or near the orientation they is believed that I am at.

Right now, we examine the persona carry and we check a couple of different bakeries. If you’re a neighbourhood business, you’re going to want to be in Google My Business. You’re going to want to have a maps location. You’re going to want to have reviews and actually be able to optimize yourself. If we go down into the regional parcel, we view some local websites that are going to help you. 10 best bakeries. You’ve got Yelp. You’ve got TripAdvisor. You’ve got even Wikipedia listing here for a bakery.

Let’s say though, this doesn’t amply match the specific objectives. The user’s not just going to type in bakery. They want to find an actual bakery near me. If we start to look at this period, again, we visualize the neighbourhood backpack. Now Yelp has pranced to the top. Yelp probably is going to be a place that you want your business to be listed on and see if you can’t be in the 10 best bakeries in your location.

If you go down now, it’s kind of same to the first one. It’s altered a bit. You’re not insure the Wikipedia article now. You’re envision a little more location-based content and they’re even giving you discover more places. This is some Google discovery here. Take out or delivery or coffee shop, connecting all that because of my point saying near Miami. It’s even giving me Cuban bakery, which would be a more regionally specific to the users in this specific area.

Again, if I’m targeting this for this company or I work for a bakery in this location, these are the things I want to be conscious of because these are the things that might drive useds to my location to purchase. This is going to have a big role when it comes to intent.

Let’s say if I change it a little, like I miss a local bakery. I don’t want simply any bakery. I miss somebody who’s regional. As you can see here, some insignificant switches, but again, it’s still this image. It’s still this neighbourhood compres comedies a huge role. And if I change it one more time to get even more specific, to Miami.

Again, the bakeries have changed once more, and now the top answer has changed to miami.eater.com. Yelp has been pushed down. These are sheets, such is sites that I probably want to be listed on. These shall be included in my research strategy when I’m developing material, where I’m having my site online, to make sure that I’m getting the more specific users to my site.

When it comes to local, having a presence on Google My Business is extremely important and imperative. But as “youre seeing”, even in this example now, there’s a huge difference by precisely modifying the inquiries. The intent modifies, as the specific objectives varies, so do the search results.

Let’s look at one more. We’re going out of neighbourhood now, and let’s look at something that’s more product motor. Let’s say it’s getting colder, so I got to find a cap. I start jacket for men.

Right here in the search results, you look the ad carousel and the ads are very different this time. We’re not picture any of those blue-blooded attach ads. We’re just seeing this ad carousel with concoction instantly in it. We’ve got product features, so if you’re doing inquiry market, you’re going to want to have your products in this carousel as well. You’re going to need to make sure that you are leveraging these type of ads.

It’s even getting to the point where it is location specific. Google’s saying, hey, you could buy this and have it today. Now that could be very big when it comes to a consumer who needs this right now. So these are different things that they’re adding into the search results, and you can mark up your ads even made to ensure that you drive your consumers here.

But let’s go to the organic enumerates. We’ve got H& M. We’ve got Macy’s. We’ve got Nordstrom. A couple of blue connects, and now we get into images where they again go deeper with type of jacket, a blazer, a motorcycle case. Does it go with an kit? Is it for a suit? Is it street wording?

You can do image search. All of these are going to apply immense if you’re creating content and you’re creating associations and a link with that content. Which kinds? How descriptive are you in these skins? Google wants to really know exclusively what the user wants to give them those results quicker.

As an SEO, as a material marketer, be specific and be very straightforward when you’re talking about your different concoctions. This is just a very broad search, a fur for men. People too request, so you can go a little bit deeper. Amazon is practice down now. They aren’t even there at the top. They’re even get into refining by label, so should be specified. These are all brand entities. And if we go down even further, they’re starting to pull in the location where they’re saying, okay, we think you’re in this area. Here’s some regions you can go buy a case right now.

On this one search result, coat for men, you experience a number of different type of SERP boasts that we can target, a number of different opportunities and truly specific information on how we should describe our concoctions. We need to be specific about the form, about the brand.

Let’s go a little deeper. Let’s say, I don’t want any case. I want to have a trendy jacket. We’ll is moving forward and do 2020 vogues. Once again, we see this ad carousel, but it’s changed quite a bit. And now right below that we look a featured snippet, eight best cap directions for men in 2020.

If I’m selling jackets, I want to make sure that I can have a part in this. We’ve got likeness located in this. We’ve got a list site. Google’s favour the top eight. They’re going for a list facet now. Maybe that’s the type of content I need. I exactly need to create very specific content and run a little deeper. As you can see, biker case, chucker shell, denim casing, move jacket.

All of these are very specific and they kind of lean on to what we learned in the first reactions. That’s why you want to be specific about the different types. Maybe we can go a little deeper into the firebrand. The GQ piece here various kinds of does smashed in between these two SERP aspects, a bit lost. This is gq-magazine.co, but then gq.com shows up here as well.

As we scroll down, we can see a lot of list pieces now. Registers are very popular when it comes to this search. Let’s say this doesn’t gives people what I crave. I want to see, okay, what are other servicemen wearing, and what are their reviews? So we convert the search query. It’s changed the specific objectives of the search. Now I’m seeing different results.

Once again, we’ve got the ad pack up now, but now we’re starting to see reactions right here within the search results. Now you can mark up your links to have these reviews, to let people know, hey, I’m going to tell you the results. What other people just like you thought of these caps. That coincides the specific objectives considerably better here.

If we go down with an FAQ, we’ll learn refined by brand. I can go deeper to find specific remembers. Let’s say I wanted a specific company. I craved a specific type of jacket, and let’s say for me, I miss a North Face jacket. Just by changing and adding a label here, I’m seeing that here in the ads, I’m seeing Northface.com, men’s jackets and hairs coinciding my planned. A fortune of these is therefore necessary to do specific with the North Face, and then we can get into Dick’s Sporting Goods.

They’re likewise indicating some produce digits right here in the search results. And once again, Google is going to say, hey, here’s where you can buy a North Face jacket near you today. So it’s actually lending in the spot and it’s even throwing us stuff here, like a vogue so we can get more specific.

Each one of these inquiries gives me different possibilities. It tells me different or deeper information trying to lead me deeper in my pilgrimage to refine it so that I can find the exact jacket I require. Let’s change it a little more. Now I’m getting into a purchasing predicament as I’ve gone deeper, and now I’m going to buy a men’s North Face jacket.

Once again, I have them up now. I’ve got the pickup today, curbside getaway. I know I are able to obtain that. I can get it from the North Face. Now Dick’s Sporting Goods has come up higher. Now Amazon has come up higher. Now that’s really important. On some of the broader investigations, Amazon was further down on those material located inquiries, but when it came to actually buying and changing into a behavior of being a transaction, Amazon started to climb up a great deal higher into the search results.

If I’m a marketer, if I’m an SEO knowing that, I might want to look at what Amazon’s doing. I might want to understand how they’re marking up their pages, and I also want to make sure that my material on those purchasing sheets is more focused on the transaction. We’ve still got parties likewise ask for, but we also have the local bundle coming back in, as well as the relentless refining.

By taking these jaunts ourselves, as purveyors, as SEOs, we can begin to get a better idea of what’s going on in the search results. What type of peculiarity are available to us? How can we leverage these different intents to create content, to mark up our sheets, to create a better user experience through the entire pour so that our site shown in through the entire pour, and we can really move people towards that event or that engagement that we’re looking for, that’s really going to help us germinate our business.

If you have any questions on this, let me know because employing the search results is extremely important for all marketers. We can’t use our implements and are dependent upon them alone. We have to use the search results to help inform our decisions, to make sure that we’re headed in the right direction. Provide comments below with issues and questions, any insights. We’d love to continue that conference with you. Until next time, Happy Marketing.

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