So Sickening: California Man Allegedly Propped Dead Wife On Couch, Had Kids Open Christmas Gifts In Front Of Body

Jesus take the rotation …

A California man who allegedly slaughtered his wife is accused of hiding her demise from their children in a sickening direction and blaming her for it.

William Wallace, 39, is accused of killing his wife, Za’Zell Preston, 26, and propping up her dead body on a couch while their unsuspecting children opened Christmas gifts.

The Orange County Register reports that counsels constituted the shocking charge during Wallace’s murder visitation for Preston’s 2011 death. Prosecutors told jurors that Wallace was abusive to his wife and” expected her to survive like she ever did” after a night of violence on Christmas Eve. When that didn’t happen, he allegedly made drastic measures.

Prosecutors including Senior Deputy District Attorney Heather Brown told jurors that the couple went to a party at a neighbor’s before returning home to the apartment they shared with their newborn lad and Preston’s daughters who were then three and eight years old. A neighbor said they heard the two arguing and another neighbor told investigates Wallace could be used” picking up what appeared to be a mas by an suite barrier .”

Prosecutors also said Wallace told one of Preston’s family members that “we were drinking and during the argument,” I convulsed her around a bit ,” reports The Orange County Register . After his wife’s death, jurors be argued that he dragged her lifeless body to a living room couch, put sunglasses on her, and told their children that, “Mommy ruined Christmas, she got drunk and ruined Christmas.”

A lawyer for the suspect murderer is insisting that the spouse who was taking college grades in hopes of becoming a domestic violence counselor, died not from defamation, but because she” drunkenly tripped and fell down a glass table .”

The Daily Mail, which likewise dealt the story, added that William Wallace told relatives that he was defending himself from Preston because she” attacked him and chip him” and” she came and pop her leader .”

“Mr. Wallace is being accused of something that is not his fault, ” Heather Moorhead told jurors according to The Orange County Register. “You will hear about a relationship that was full of arguing and hollering, but also a lot of love.”

Really ???

If convicted of first-degree murder, Wallace faces up to 25 years to life in prison.

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