Start your own alchemy shop with Potion Party on April 8

Aspiring alchemists, get ready to mark your calendar if you adore couch co-op and party games. Potion Party comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on April 8.

In Potion Party you are the owner of an alchemy patronize. To fulfill your customers you need to brew and sell colorful tonics. With the money you give, expand your browse, and buy brand-new implements, furniture, and courages. But wait, parties are better with friends! So get up to three other actors together and have an awesome evening with this crazy and chaotic party game.

Potion Types

Customers want different types of tonics. Concoctions differ by size and dye. Need a light-green potion? Exactly assortment a yellowed and a blue. Need a pitch-black one? That requires you to prepare some coal.

Building the store

When you start your patronize, it will be empty and running around. It’s your task to add furniture, tools, and emblems to the store. Step by gradation, your patronize will improve and accommodate more ways to create many tonics. Each new stagecoach feeds new pieces to use and challenges to overcome.


When you’re not actively helping a customer, use downtime to your advantage. Pre-produce some potions and framed them in your storage area. The next time a customer needs one of these concoctions, you already have one at hand. You should also have some sugar ready to oblige customers fortunate that need to wait a little longer. Especially when playing in co-op mode, managing your supermarket storage area is an important task to get clients helped as quickly as possible.

Defend against villains

Shortly after your shop opens, you will get unwanted visitors. Slimes, supernatural and thieves of different types will infest your place and try to stop your business. Each of them needs to be handled differently to get rid of them. Don’t gave them take over your shop.

Play with different courages

You can unlock up to 12 different fantasy references in video games. Each reputation has a unique special clevernes that induces them valuable for certain tasks. These abilities are also welcome to be leveled up to become stronger.

When playing together, it’s best to make a squad that augments each other. Have Mary sell the potions to the customer as she gains extra tips. Grifryt is best for brewing the potions as he can spawn them much more quickly than other reputations. Zeph is a speedy allrounder that can get zoom from A to B to help out in the shop. Each persona has characters that fit them best.

Play together or against one another

You can play the whole game alone and open all stages, components, and build up your place. Nonetheless, you will have the most fun when playing with others. Play together with them in co-op mode and split up the tasks in your shop to get more brews sold in time.

You can also compete with your friends in the unlockable versus mode. Two teams( one or two musicians each ), will face off to become the potion rulers. It’s all about get the right brew ready before the other team does. Only the first team that sells the potion to the customer will compose a point.

Unlike other tournaments, Potion Party focuses on simple controls. Everything is handled with a single war button. This draws the game super accessible. Simply one button and one analog protrude. Skill level shouldn’t hold anyone back from fulfilling their potion-making dreams.

RP Games and FusionPlay

Potion Party is developed by RP Games, and ported and published to PlayStation by FusionPlay. Both are based in Leipzig, Germany. FusionPlay and RP Games worked closely together when designing and testing game mechanics, balancing video games and optimizing it for PlayStation. We hope you and your crew have immense chemistry when Potion Party smacks PS5 and PS4 April 8.

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