Sure, Jan: Candace Parker Scholarly Schools Shaq On The Finer Points Of How To Properly Play Professional Basketball

When a mistres is speaking, you should STFU.

Los Angeles Sparks v Dallas Wings

Source: Julio Aguilar/ Getty

Both Candace Parker and Shaquille O’Neal are basketball legends, supporters, and sweethearts of the sport. Both have competed at the highest levels and have risen triumphant against their antagonists. Both work for TNT as specialists for the weekly televised NBA activities. That said , not all fictions are created equal and neither are all commentators. For lesson, Candace is an advocate for social justice reform in America and Shaq is a cop who never elected until last year. Just sayin’.

Last night after appearing on “Inside the NBA ,” both Candace and Shaq started trending on Twitter and their reputations have remained on the digits of NBA love who are taking enormous delight in Candace DESTROYING Shaq’s silly, antiquated, get-off-my-lawn, old-man-yells-at-clouds analysis of how the game is played in the modern period. If you’re looking for character shadow, then you’ve clicked on the right post!

So, without further ado…

This look though!

Candace moved full-on” Can you Feel this negro tried me like that ?! The impudence !” The only thing that could have made this any better is if Candace payed Shaq the Mutombo finger. She destroyed his paper-thin argument with such position and prayer. Add a few cold-hard facts and* boom *, owned. We can only liken that is something that when( SPOILER ALERT) Wanda Maximoff turned around and checked Vision’s damaged dead body in chapter 4 of WandaVision.

Oh, and if Shaq wasn’t already having a bad enough day, there’s this…

We love it* Dwyane Wade voice*

What do you think? Was Shaq trying to shade Candace?

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