Ten products I loved in 2020: José Been

I have spoken with interest the’ things I loved’ rosters of all my fellow members, but I have a confession. I don’t own different bicycles for all sorts of terrain. I have no gravel bike , no hardtail nor mountain bike. We don’t even have real elevations now. I likewise don’t own different labels of robing, variou helmets or shoes. I am not tech-savvy at all and rely altogether on your best friend and personal auto-mechanic Chris for basically everything. I did, nonetheless, ride 10,000 kilometres this year which makes I spent about 400 hours in the saddle.

This list is therefore about the things that fixed those 400 hours so pleasant, the things that got me through the jobless first COVID-1 9 lockdown and retained me mentally fit throughout what has been a challenging year for us all.

Trek Domane SL7 SRAM Force eTap AXS

I own two motorcycles. My old Trek Domane 4-series sits permanently on the Wahoo Kickr in the attic. The other one is a Trek Domane SL7 I bought this year.

I didn’t actually need a new bike because my old-time Domane SL6 was only three years old, but once SRAM had given me one of its Trek Domane SL7 bikes to trial the Force eTap AXS groupset I knew after a few razzes I was botched beyond belief and could never is going in manual switch. The SRAM Force eTap AXS is fast, smooth and over the past 9,000 km it has misshifted just once. Mechanical shifting, which I still have to do on the instructor bicycle, seems like a huge beset now.

Originally, SRAM lent that Trek to me for a month but when all assessment affairs were cancelled due to COVID-1 9, I got to travel it for most of the year until I convinced myself and my bank account that I perfectly and immediately needed to buy this bike for myself.

The Domane is the perfect fit for me and ever has been. This is my fourth Domane, and the best so far. It’s comfortable to ride and solid enough for my 100 kilos. I must face it; I am 41 and starting to fall apart. Comfort is so much more important now than velocity, aerodynamics or value. Yes, the Domane is heavy but so am I. I desire the ogle of it, with broad-spectrum tubes creating a sturdy look that competitions my own chassis. In short, this motorcycle doesn’t oblige me glance overweight. If it weren’t for my husband, the motorcycle would be hanging on my living room wall to look at every day.

Price: US $6,000/ AU $8,500/ PS5, 650/ EUR6, 400 More information: www.trekbikes.com

Wahoo Elemnt computer

I have many endowments but spatial awareness is obviously not one of them. I don’t know how I ever managed to find my lane back home before owning a GPS bike computer. Since I bought this Wahoo ELEMNT a few years ago, I have travelled all around Europe. Strava helps me build routes and I get to explore the prettiest of places. It has literally opened up the world to me. The ELEMNT is big, bulky and doesn’t have a colour showing, but it ever use and is easy to program via the iPhone.

This first ELEMNT is no longer in yield, but as long as it offices I picture no need to upgrade. When it finally is falling apart, I will most definitely stick to Wahoo for my piloting needs.

Price: finished More information: www.wahoofitness.com

Bike fit

When I got my new motorcycle in September, I had a completely new bike fit done arising in a longer stem( goodbye lower back aches !) different rails( goodbye shoulder aches !) and a brand-new saddle. Your body and flexible mutates when you get older. That’s why I think you need to do a motorcycle fit formerly every few years, even if they are the framework of your motorcycle doesn’t change. Because you change over time.

The alters the motorcycle fitter spawned were very subtle but made a huge difference. As an amateur, I had never thought that it would make a difference if my saddle ran up half a centimetre but it did. I generate more strength on the pedals now all of my intensity actually goes into the pedals.

Had I merely known a number of years ago I needed one size bigger of my Bontrager Ajna Elite saddle, it would have saved me a lot of sores and sting. I still have the old one on my indoor bicycle and the additional 12 mm in diameter of the brand-new one are so vital for the well-being of my bum and private parts. Unfortunately, I detected when writing this piece that Ajnas are not grew anymore. The agony of conclusion a brand-new saddle again awaits…

You can get good bicycle fits everywhere. Just ask your cycling friends for a referral.

Zipp 303 NSW Carbon Clincher Disc Brake motors

I am fortunate enough to have my good friend Chris who knows everything about bikes. He admonished me these Zipp 303 NSW carbon tubeless disc pedals and told me at length how they are tested in wind tunnels and work in crosswinds and improve watts with state-of-the-art innovations and hollows etc etc etc bla bla bla. I was already in love with how they gaped, and zoned out at the tech talk. Wheels truly acquire the bike for me.

Until there was a storm in the Netherlands and I decided to properly test them. I was flabbergasted to be honest. The discipline is true. They actually do amazingly well in the crosswinds. I barely have to correct when a gust of breeze hits me and theoretically, I could master razzing in the hurricanes with one mitt off the bars. Don’t worry- I would never ever do that- but theoretically I could. Also, I departed from 25 to 28 to 32 tires and they actually look slim on these rims.

So yes, they are expensive pedals but they are worth every euro. I “ve never” felt so cozy in the crosswinds on the river dikes as with these motors. Steady as a cliff. But faster.

Price: discontinued More information: www.zipp.com


The Illuminati code regimes one should not add a buzzer to the bike but HideMyBell designed a bell that you don’t view but do hear very well. Everyone should have one and stop screeching HEY! HELLO! YO!

In the Netherlands bike footpaths are more mobbed than ever. There are e-bikes which are used by majors but by high school students as well. That last group frequently circulates in carries and are notoriously deaf when riding to academy. They are also very unpredictable in their behavior and swerve all over the road. Then there are fast accelerated pedelecs along the road and scoot bicycles that are now more popular than ever due to the pandemic and closed gyms.

HideMyBell integrates the buzzer into your bike computer attach. It devised by a Dutch company and has prepares now for every brand of bicycle computer and all sorts of handlebars including aerodynamic and sprinting tables. The buzzer is obstructed underneath the bike computer and pays a good, raucous reverberate. It’s small but very efficient. It gives me that feeling of safety that others on the road know I am there, and I will never leave home without it.

Price: US $35/ AU $40/ PS31/ EUR4 0 More information: www.closethegap.cc

Fizik Infinito R1 shoes

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a duet of Fizik shoes on sale in my local bike browse. I have big paws so I ever wore Shimano. Never would I have thought that Italian brand shoes would fit me, but they did and they examined very elegant. When I needed an improve, I looked at the R1 Infinito by Fizik but at EUR3 50 a pair I was shy. Would that actually be worth the money for an amateur like me?

Yes, they are gorgeous and as sumptuous as bicycle shoes are able to obtain but did I certainly need carbon soles? The cognitive dissonance vibe was pretty strong in this purchase. When I find a pair with a good dismis, I bought them and haven’t missed it since. They are comfy and certainly solid. Having a carbon sole genuinely does make a difference and gives me extra confidence when doing sprint delays.

Price: US $400/ AU $600/ PS350/ EUR3 50 More information: www.fizik.com

Quarq strength meter

A power meter? Do I need idea gadgets like that? I got to try one on that loaner bike by SRAM and was fixed from the beginning. I affection counts! In cycling everything is about superpower counts now and as a columnist/ commentator it’s immense to have some revelation in what power does.

I learned for example that with a typical Dutch headwind on an disclosed and flat creek dike I do the same 200+ watts as on a 5-7% slope in France. I challenge myself now in uphill sprints( speak’ viaducts ‘) and insure what kind of values I razz to compare with the pros. It’s fun and schools me a great deal. My 450 watts last for about 30 seconds. Wout van Aert does that for 20 minutes uphill. In the Tour de France. At day 20. It reaches me fantastically humble.

Price: US $599/ AU $677/ EUR5 99 More information: www.quarq.com

AssSavers fender

I like my motorcycle to have that clean glance and don’t want any extra fuss on it. That’s why I precisely don’t like mudguards on my motorcycle at all. The AssSaver is a super simple piece of plastic you poke underneath your saddle to keep most of the water out and off your ass and back. You take it off in seconds when the roads are dry. For a completely non-technical person like me, it’s the best and cheapest acces to well, erm, save my ass.

Price: US $10/ AU $14/ PS10/ EUR9. 50 More information: www.ass-savers.com

Apple podcast app

I found that this year I was listening fewer and less to music and more and more to podcasts. It’s the best way to learn new material for me and this year I learned so, so much better. I can list more American senators, states and state voting regulations than I should. Brexit, the European union countries and its politics are also among a regular staple this year.

I given to understand that Louis the 14 th’s dad wasn’t more keen on sleeping with his wife and opted mortals instead. And that his mother caused Louis’ brother as a girl to minimise the risk of a takeover by his little brother. Yes, certainly.

I learned about Napoleon and his partners and about a plethora of subjects through the excellent BBC World programmes. The documentary about the Grenfell Tower disaster and the series on the India-Pakistan partition were ones that particularly stood out.

There was meat from all over the world, some comedy and our own Freewheeling, From the Top and Weekly podcasts. There was true crime like Cutthroat Inc and countless Dutch genuine crime podcasts. I was always would like to have another long journey because I could catch up with the next incident of my favourite podcasts. I like to think those 400 hours of journeying this year have made a bit smarter.

Price: free More information: apps.apple.com

My state

Last but not least. Actually, this should be the first one on my schedule.

Health is not something you can buy but it’s the one thing that is absolutely vital to be able to use all the above-mentioned products and services. I know firsthand how prized your health is. In 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, aged 29. Although I still suffer some of the long-term aftermath like value amplification and mental health concerns due to hormonal imbalances, I am grateful to be healthy and alive.

In this year where health was on everyone’s mind a lot, I cherish every day I have the power and strong to travel my bike. Sometimes it’s exclusively 40 kilometres and some eras it’s much, much more. Health has no retail price but it’s by far the most valuable thing in this top ten.

Price: Priceless

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