Ten Ways to Prepare for a Happy & Holy Death

Ten Ways to Prepare for a Happy & Holy DeathTen Ways to Prepare for a Happy & Holy Death

The most important moment in our life is the very moment that we die. This will determine our fate for all immortality. Either we will be saved or damned. Either we will be with God for all heaven or we will be lost for all infinity. The best space for all of us to have a holy extinction is to right now and until we die is fully prepared to a holy and joyous death. Hopefully these short-lived but harrowing ten sign announces can assist you in acquire the right decisions so that when you die the Lord Jesus will be your Savior waiting to open up the everlasting entrances of Heaven to receive you!

1. Live Each Day.

Live each day of your life as if it were your last-place; undoubtedly it could be. Jesus warns us: “He will come like a burglar in the night.” Be braced!

2. No to Sin, Yes to God!

Sin leads to sadness, bondage and fatality. Let us forsake guilt at all costs and turn to God who contributes life. Jesus said: “I am the channel, the Truth, and the Life.”

3. Do What You Are Doing.

This is a key concept of the saints. It means to live the Sacrament of the Present moment and ever strive to do your duty and indebtednes with the best of intentions–meaning for the statu and exaltation of God!

4. Fall? Get up again!

If you fall into sin, which will happen because we are all sinners, then get up right away. Never put off your changeover for tomorrow; instead move on your changeover immediately–before the sunshine goes down!

5. Love.

Aim ever for “the worlds largest” all perfections: love! Jesus clearly tells us what is the greatest of all commandments and it is a double commandment: to love God with all our heart, thought, soul and strength. But the second part is to love our neighbor intensely as we desire ourselves. With reference to a holy fatality, Saint John of the Cross schools us: “In the autumn of our actuality, we will be judged on love.” Led us is striving for a more intense and burning affection every day! Like the Virgin Mary let us die of ardour!

6. Bring Others to Heaven.

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen applies us enormous the recommendations on how to get to heaven. “If you want to get to heaven, then make somebody to heaven with you.” Jesus says, “By their fruit they will be known.” Our desire should be to love what God enjoys and God charities the salvation of immortal people. Hopefully this will by our passionate and all-consuming desire!

7. Think of Heaven!

Of big appreciate in attaining a holy and happy fatality is the constant thought of gaining paradise but too the reflection on actually what heaven is! Saint Paul passes us a merely glimpse with these invigorating words: “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard , nor has it entered into the mind of man the sounds wonderful that God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Do this! Think of the happiest two hours of their own lives, multiply that by a million times and then add afterlife to it– meaning forever and ever and ever.You have a mere taste or mere glimpse of the splendor of Heaven that waiting for you!

8. Tell Jesus What You Want.

From the extents of your centre talk to Jesus and express to Him the greatest desire of your heart and it is this: that you want to grow to desire Him more and more each day, but that is intended to affection Him in heaven for all afterlife. Tell Jesus this, but remind Him every day. Ask your Guardian Angel to come to your aid!

9. Purgatory and Suffering.

Why not ask the Lord Jesus to give you your Purgatory now while on earth? It is so true-blue the saying: “Pay now or offer later! ” Indeed much better to pay here while on earth then to pay in the ardors of Purgatory when you are die.

How can this become a reality? Simple but hard-handed at the same time. We all have to suffer and in many ways: physically, emotionally, economically( many of us ), socially, and spiritually. Why not render your affliction for the transformation of sinners, the purification of the people in Purgatory but also that this suffering on earth would serve to be your Purgatory on earth to allow you to go promptly to heaven? Many of us never thought of this but God does not want us to go to Purgatory; rather, He wants us to go straight and immediately to heaven , nonstop!

Let us be honest, heaven is closed not due to bad will on the part of God, but due to our own pride, selfishness, ego and opposition of God’s grace. Why not evade to correspond to God’s graces and countenance your endures in this life so as to be united with God immediately upon death, which implies eternal life!

10. Mary: Queen of Saints and Angels.

The saints all will be voting in favour of this spiritual maxim: “Mary is the quickest, most secure, and “the worlds largest” efficacious pathway to Jesus and to heaven.” Why not turn right now to Mary and sidestep for the prayer to go to heaven. Ask Mary in devotion what is the major obstacle in your life that is blocking your free access to Jesus and sky. Then request our Lady for the goodnes to overcome that hazard or spiritual detour on the Highway to Heaven.

Image by Franck Barske from Pixabay

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