Ten Ways We Can Imitate Our Lady

Ten Ways We Can Imitate Our LadyTen Ways We Can Imitate Our Lady

From the cross, Jesus applied the person He adored most on earth, His Blessed Mother Mary, to Saint John. He also established her to us as our Mother most holy! In his Marian Spiritual Masterpiece, True Devotion to Mary, Saint Louis de Montfort foregrounds ten of the most important perfections of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Let us put forth this list of Mary’s principal virtues.

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True devotion to our Lady is holy, it leads us to avoid sin and to imitate the virtues of Mary. Her ten principal moralities are: penetrating meeknes, lively faith, blind acquiescence, unceasing devotion, constant self-denial, outperforming piety, passionate desire, gallant persistence, ethereal kindness, and heavenly sense. (# 108)

Let us meekly evade our Blessed Mother Mary for the prayer to understand these ten moralities that she practised always to a gallant magnitude of purity, but also give us crave for the kindnes to position these dignities into practice in our daily walk of life!

1. Deep Humility

A humble being recognizes that all the good they have done, and can do, results from the Presence of God in “peoples lives”. Mary was most humble, calling herself the servant or the handmaid of the Lord. Also, in her canticle of kudo that we announce The Magnificat( Lk. 1: 46 -5 5 ), Mary states that God has ogled with spare upon the modesty of His handmaid.

Let us evade Mary for a meek and humble nature so that like her, we will attribute our successes to God and our loss to ourselves.

2. Lively Faith

Faith is one of the three theological virtues–faith, hope, and charity. Faith is believing in God and His Word without assuring with our eyes. Jesus gently rebuked the doubting Thomas with these utterances: “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.”( Jn. 20: 29) Mary is the woman of sect par excellence.

Even though Mary witnessed the Passion, suffering, and death of Jesus, she felt that he would defeat extinction. Therefore, when we are dared to doubt, let us turn to Mary, the woman of religion, and pray for her most powerful intercession.

3. Obedience

By giving her assent in the Annunciation–“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to your word.”( Lk. 1: 38 )– Mary displayed an admirable attitude of obedience to the Word of God and trust in His holy will. When we are dared to rebel and turn against God, cause us, through Mary’s devotions and precedent, obey God like Mary and like Jesus who “was obedient to extinction, even death on the cross.”( Phil. 2: 8)

4. Unceasing Prayer

We can characterize petition as communication with God. There is no better example in the world, aside from Jesus, with respect to a life of constant prayer than that of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Scripture tells us, “Mary contemplated these things in her heart.”( Lk. 2: 19) Continually, she thought of God in her recollection and desired God with all of her centre; she maintained constant communication with the Blessed Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The ogre of laziness can attack all of us.

May Our Lady inspire us to be constant, rabid, and faithful in prayer! Indeed, prayer is the key to our salvation. What aura is to the lungs, devotion is to the soul.

5. Constant Self-Denial

Another way of wording this is mortification–the ascetical life which leads to the metaphysical life of union with God. Mary revoked and relinquished herself in all ages and neighbourhoods. By doing so, she dedicated full reign for God to work in the entirety of her life.

In Mary’s supernaturals at both Lourdes and Fatima, she strongly encouraged the practice of prayer, but too that of sacrifice. By making use of relinquishes, we are imitating Mary in the art of self-denial. Self-denial turns us towards God and away from self. Mary was always God-centered and never self-centered. May this be our vogue of life!

6. Surpassing Purity

One of the most sublime decencies that stamps the most Blessed Virgin Mary is that of her spotless purity; Mary is known as the Immaculate One. In Fatima, Our Lady unhappily expressed that most souls are lost to the everlasting burns of blaze because of sins against the perfection of holy integrity.

Mary is the Perpetual Virgin. She was a virgin before the birth of Jesus, during the birth of Jesus, and after the birth of Jesus. True devotion to Mary can help us maintain our piety, and if we have lost it, to seek restoration through Sacramental Confession. Contemplating a beautiful visualize, coating, or statue of Our Lady can instill in us princely endeavours for purity.

7. Ardent Love

Of all the decencies that we are called to practice, that of eager love, sometimes announced charity, is the greatest. Read the beautiful chant of love of Saint Paul: I Corinthians 13.

Our Lady practiced love to a sublime severity and in two ways, for love or charity has two dimensions. Mary at all times and in all places adored God first and foremost. However, Mary expressed concretely her passion for God by eager love for her neighbor.

In the Annunciation, through her absolute Yes, Mary indicated her total and unreserved enjoy for God. However, moving in haste to visit her cousin Elizabeth, Mary evidenced great affection for her neighbour. In imitation of Mary, may we say in the words of Saint Paul, “The adore of God compels me.”( 2 Cor. 5: 14)

May we learn this doubled commandment–love of God and love of neighbor–and strive to live it out on a daily basis. Saint John of the Cross territory: “In the gloom of our cosmo, we will be judged on love.”

8. Heroic Patience

Not one of us can say that we are patient at all day, in all places, and in all circumstances. Unlike Mary, who attested striking fortitude!

Consider Mary in her pregnancy, traveling the long trek to Bethlehem and then being rejected–what enormous persistence! Losing the Child Jesus when He was twelve years of age for three long eras before procure Him in the Temple–another manifestation of daring perseverance! Most especially, in associated Jesus in His Passion leading up to His brutal Crucifixion and death, Mary certified an unequaled patience!

When our equanimity is put to the test, make us call out to Mary for her succour. She will never flunk us!

9. Angelic Kindness

The opposite of kindness is rudeness. Merely try to imagine the practice and demeanour in which Mary must have plowed her neighbour! A very warm welcome, different kinds and acquiring smile, courtesy to the maximum, an attentive ear to listen–these are clear manifestations of kindness, angelic kindness. Mary did all this to the highest degree!

Saint Francis de Sales on this morality noted: One can entice more flies with a spoonful of sugar then with a barrel full of vinegar. In other words, kindness entices others to Christ, while rude and drastic measures repulse them. May Our Lady teach us what it means to be kind and may we put it into practice!

10. Heavenly Wisdom

One of the lofty deeds given to Mary in her majestic Litany is that of Seat of Wisdom. A wise person knows what is most important in life. Dynamic adoration for God and eager inclination for the salvation of immortal minds are trademarks of true-life ability. Our Lady had a burning desired for God and an ardent desire for the transformation of sinners and their everlasting saving. “The Blessed Virgin persevered in her confederation with her Son unto the cross … joining herself with his relinquish in her mother’s heart.”( Vat II, Lumen Gentium)

King Solomon was once wise, but he imparted into his weakness–that of lustful desires–and resolved “peoples lives” a clown. We sidestep the intercession of Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom to attain for us not only wisdom now, but dedication in this sublime virtue until the very end!


May we ardently desire to know, adore, and imitate our Blessed Mother Mary! May we be caused with a house decision to meditate frequently and fervently on the virtues of Mary most holy and then strive to live them out all the days of “peoples lives”! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners , now and at the hour of our fatality. Amen.

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