The New Executive Position: CLO (Customer Love Officer)

Employee Working at Desk with Hearts for EyesThe word ardour is not used that often in the corporate or business world.

It may have been Tim Sanders in his revolutionary diary, Love Is the Killer App, who helped bring the word love to the forefront for governors trying to build a stronger culture and create a better know for their customers. People were scared to use the L-word in business. Some continues to be. Some people say it’s “too soft, ” but my go is the fact that it just does you real. If you genuinely love your people, love your customers and love what the hell are you do, it depicts. It’s obvious. Love are within the culture.

My buddy and professional gifting genius, John Ruhlin, talks about “loving on your customers.” It’s his idiom for ship purchasers meaningful and memorable gifts.

I had a great call with a unit of real estate agents the other day and we spoke how to show their clients how much they cherished them. They were getting ready to promote someone to a position that finagled the enjoy process. They asked me if there was a title for that sentiment. I thought about it and here’s what I was put forward by. This position will be known as the…

CLO, as in Chief Love Officer

If a company can have a CEO, a CFO, a COO, a CXO, why not a CLO? Welcome the newest title to the C-Suite! It is about to change that I’m not the first person to come up with this. TV Personality, Steve Harvey, has given himself the name of CLO. A few others–albeit a very few–have also adopted the title.

What does a Chief Love Officer do? For the real estate company, we came up with some of the immediate responsibilities. I’m sure there will be more, and different business in different industries will have different responsibilities. That said, here’s what we came up with in our first brainstorming session: The CLO…

… entrusted with responsibilities of showing grateful to clients .
…” is in charge of supportive follow-ups, such as thank you posters .
…” is in charge of recollecting birthdays, anniversaries and other important customer times .
…” is the person who clears sure others in the company express gratitude toward patrons( and employees ). …in charge of the celebration poster list–and other suitable festivity celebrations, such as Valentine’s Day, where true love can happen .
…” was working with HR to ensure the people hired fit in with the “love culture.”

If you have been following my work, you are familiar with I enjoy entertaining entitlements to describe its own responsibilities we have in our occupations. My assistant is the Director of Item. We have a social media and marketing person whose title is Director of Reputation. I’m the Chief Amazement Officer. So, “Chief Love Officer” is not that farfetched. Even if you don’t want to assign someone this claim, you can still operationalize cherish in their own organizations. So, love on your customers–and your employees!

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