The start of Western Illinois’ NCAA tournament run in Year 24, continued

The Leathernecks start their run in the NCAA tournament looking for back-to-back national titles.

Welcome back to our simulated empire with the Western Illinois Leathernecks in College Hoops 2K8. You knows where to find a detailed explanation of such projects+ spoiler-free link to previous seasons here. Check out the introduction to this series from early April for full context. As a reminder, we simulate every sport in this series and exclusively control the recruiting and instructing strategies.

Before we pick up with the Leathernecks during the first round of the NCAA tournament, here’s a recap of all matters has happened so far this season 😛 TAGEND

Western Illinois went on a Cinderella run to win the national championship as a No. 13 seed last season, our fourth entitle since I took over the program. Watch our “One Shining Moment” video now. We lost two starters from that team to the NBA, but recruit the new year with the rest of the rotation still unscathed. Somehow, we were unranked in the preseason ballots. We exited 5-5 in the non-conference schedule, before again sweeping the Summit League and prevailing the Summit League tournament. We were given a No. 10 grain in the large-hearted dance. We banked for five fellowships, mooring four-star shooting guard Neil Modrovich out of Cleveland at the end of the early ratify span.

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Here’s a look at our listing opening the NCAA tournament 😛 TAGEND

Championship-or-bust. That’s the goal as we prepare for the 2031 NCAA tournament.

Our Leathernecks have four national championships since I arrived in Macomb ahead of the 2007 -0 8 season, but we’ve never triumphed in back-to-back years. This crew is good enough to do it. We returned three starters, all on the bound, all now majors.

Point guard Koko Reeves is the smallest player in program record at 6-foot, but he silenced his doubters by providing knockdown shooting during our tournament ranged last-place season. Edwin Wolfe, a onetime five-star JUCO recruit, started the game 7-for-7 from three-point range against UNLV in the Final Four last-place season. Wolfe also has a 95 -rating in steals, which is the highest on the team. Then there’s Jitim Dupree, the 6’10, 242 -pound small-minded forward who set off for 30 spots or more three times during our run through the bracket. Dupree was called Final Four MOP for his recital, and could go down as perhaps the greatest player in clas biography if he powers us to another deed.

The questions are now in the breast tribunal. J.J. Bracy and Dick Copeland have abundance of pedigree — Bracy is the second-highest rated recruit in curriculum history( No. 24 overall ), and Copeland’s A rating in potential is our highest ever — but they still have to prove they can carry us on the biggest stagecoaches. Both players are only 6’8, so we aren’t as big as we have been the last few years when we’ve had 7-foot-plus midsts. How we handle our scarcity of size inside will be one of the biggest storylines opening the tournament.

I can’t wait to see what we get from our young terrace. 6’5 point guard Alexis Willingham and 6’8 wing Skip Clemmons both proved themselves as dependable players during our run through March last season, and should be even better as sophomores. There’s likewise two rousing freshmen who will be making their NCAA tournament debuts: 6’3 shooting polouse Albert Jagla( the highest rated draft in curriculum biography at No. 17 overall ), and 6’11 hub Cecil Sinville( our first-ever No. 1 ranked core prospect ). We’ll need all nine chaps to accomplish our goal and earn the title.

Our antagonist during the first round of the NCAA tournament is No. 7 grain Pitt. We enter the game as a 99 overall, while Pitt is rated as a 91. Here’s how the two teams matchup 😛 TAGEND

If we can win in the first round, we’ll likely face No. 2 seed South Florida in the round of 32. We blew out the Bulls during the regular season, but they’re a talented unit who could certainly grant us trouble in a potential rematch.

We streamed the game against Pitt on Twitch on Monday night. As ever, I am not seeing Western Illinois — we’re watching a pretended play.

We want back-to-back entitlements. The journeying starts here in the round of 64 against the Panthers. Let’s become!