The View: Meghan McCain Goes IN On AnarKKKists, Urges Republicans To Invoke 25th Amendment

” You are not patriots. You do not represent America. You are froth of the earth …”

Meghan McCain

Source: Charles Sykes/ Bravo/ NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images/ Getty

Meghan McCain has had enough.

During Thursday’s episode of “The View” the republican expressed her dismay over the saltine siege at the U.S. Capitol and called for action to be taken against Trump and his soup cookie cronies.

According to Meghan, fellow Republicans need to demand that the 25 th Amendment be invoked so that Cheeto In Chief can be removed from office after yesterday’s events.

” This is one of the great national tragedies of my lifetime . … I have been absolutely depressed watching this ,” McCain said Thursday.” The bedrock of our republic is the pleasant change of strength.[ Trump] is clearly a chairman who has turned into a mad king, and at this detail, I’m calling on all Republicans and conservatives who still have clout–we have to mention the 25 th Amendment. We cannot bear this. Home countries cannot go on like this.”

” These rascals are using the American flag as epitomizes as they are attacking our own Republic ,” she said.” You are not patriots. You do not represent America. You are froth of the earth who are using and mistreating and bastardizing all that I desire and have grown up with for your own sick agenda .”

Meghan is of course the daughter of the late GOP Sen. John McCain who Trump always disrespected and called a “loser” it is therefore originates sense for her want to him out.

But the staunch Republican throwing on her conservative Wonder Woman cape and calling for action is something to see. Too little too late, but still.

Watch it for yourself below.

This is the SECOND time this week Meghan has impelled headlines. Earlier this week she got her faux-pony altered by Joy Behar who cracked her face by relate her she did NOT miss her while she was out on maternity leave.

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